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Excelsoft Technologies

Excelsoft Technologies
About us
Excelsoft Technologies is a provider of innovative technology-based solutions in the education and training space. It architects, designs and develops technology solutions and digital content and has established itself in a leadership position in the e-learning business. The company has made extraordinary contributi ons towards eff ecti vely using technology to enhance capacities of teachers and learners in India and the world over. Incorporated in the year 2000, Excelsoft designs E-learning solutions based on a pedagogical approach towards content design and technology implementations. It caters to the education and training management requirements for diverse industry base of K-12, Higher Education, Vocational Education, Corporate, Government, Publishers and many more in Test and Assessment delivery.
Founder:Sudhanva D
1-B, Hootagalli Industrial Area Mysore, Karnataka - 570018, India
Sudhanva D
Sudhanva D (Founder), Ceo & MD: He started work with the Systems Engineering Group, Kirloskar Electric Company and later joined Wipro Infotech Limited. In 1990 he founded a consulting firm that provided solutions in e-governance, GIS, Enterprise-wide Computing, Multimedia and web-enabled applications. The firm successfully delivered inter-disciplinary computing solutions for the social infrastructure design and development sector. As a Senior MIS Specialist to Energy
& Infrastructure Division, World Bank, U.S.A. he consulted several internati onal projects including ARUN III Project, Nepal, Upper Krishna Project, Maharashtra Krishna Valley Development Corporation and many more. In 2000, he founded Excelsoft Technologies.
The competitors of the company are Corporate Talent Management System vendors from US; T&A and K-12 vendors across the world and LMS providers to Universities, globally.
The clients of Excelsoft come from varied groups of industry like Publishing, Corporate, Higher Education, K-12 Education, Vocational, Government and Defence sectors. A few of the renowned names are Pearson Education Global, Infosys (India), BYU(USA), Surala(Japan), IEEE(US) and CSIR(India) respectively.
D E Shaw Group, USA Arohi Asset Management, Singapore
  • SARAS, the key product from Excelsoft , is an e-learning technology solutions framework and the product suite developed around it provides a complete infrastructure for technology enabled learning. Today, SARAS is impacting lives of over 25 million users in 25+ countries spanning four continents.
  • OpenPage, an interactive book developed by in-house R&D team of Excelsoft has created waves in the market for its functionality and userfriendly access.
  • Cognowise, a learning analytics tool, provides advanced data intelligence capabilities through a scalable realtime reporting and analytics engine catering specifi cally to the learning and assessments industry. Cognowise will also drive the next generation Adaptive and Personalized Learning delivery through the Saras Learning Management System.
  • Its Content Development expertise revolves around the pedagogical approach towards content design, viz., Learning design and Graphic design. This approach enables clients from diverse industry verticals confideon us for their learning and content requirements.
  • Excelsoft adopts an innovation-centric approach towards solution design.
  • A best fit solution approach, by combining more than one product for a particular solution, compared to competitors.
  • Adoption of newer technology trends well-ahead of the completion has helped in delivering solutions that are future-ready and hence are scalable and enhanced as need be.
Excelsoft provides a wide-array of choices to end clients that include Annual licensing, SaaS & User/Testbased and modular implementation. This helps its clients to adopt a shopping-cart model towards their solution/product buying experience.
Excelsoft plans to increase presence of both client base and operational offices across the globe. The company is looking at continued investment in new product developments and increased services. It is also hopeful about strategic acquisitions of companies operating in the E-learning domain.