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About us
CustomerXPs Software creates real-time, intelligent products that empower banks with instant insights enabling influenced outcomes of deeper customer engagement and fraud-free transactions. CustomerXPs software identifies and solves, in real-time, complex problems in the areas of customer experience management, contextual right-sell, fraud monitoring and compliance.
The approach adopted is differentiated because of a multi-disciplinary approach involving artificial intelligence, statistical modelling, neural networks, psychology and behavioural sciences. Combined with bleeding-edge technological capability created groundup, the software delivers right-time, actionable insights that is unparalleled.
Rivi Varghese (Founder, CEO)
Rivi Varghese co-founded CustomerXPs after a long stint in the IT products industry. He spent over 15 years perfecting the end to end art of conceiving, delivering, marketing and selling new products. Rivi has significant international experience across 20 plus countries - a good mixture of advanced, emerging as well as the Middle-east. He has interacted with senior management of more than 200 banks and was instrumental in opening new markets for these products.

During his stint at Infosys' Finacle as Head, Product management - Delivery channels - he conceptualized and delivered 12 new-to-the-world products which are being used by leading banks globally – leading to some banks winning global awards for the same.
 As a multi channel expert, he has enabled banking in all possible channels. At Microsoft, as product manager, he was responsible for the developer tools business for India, which also included management and fostering the software marketing channel sales end-user ecosystem in the country. Rivi holds an MBA from IIM-Bangalore and B-Tech from IT-BHU.
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CustomerXPs Clari5 consists of two solutions in the areas of Customer Experience Management and Fraud Monitoring.
Clari5 Customer Experience Management Solution
A customer experience management solution that delivers instant contextual intelligence across 3 dimensions – tacit, actionable and conversational; to every customer interaction with the bank. It ensures that the complete understanding of the customer, derived from multiple backend systems is channelled in real-time so as to empower the bank to provide the best service to its customers over every interaction.

Clari5 Fraud and Transaction Monitoring Solution Acentralized Transaction Monitoring system ideal for Fraud Detection, Compliance Monitoring and Audit that monitors patterns across transactions, events, users, accounts, systems in real-time across an enterprise to provide alerts to designated users from relevant business units (Fraud, Compliance, Risk, Inspection & Audit, Vigilance etc).
Software licensing based coupled with an on-premise delivery model.
Software that powers the IT environment in banks traditionally was designed with a linear approach to customer management – a customer is typically mapped to a set of accounts, products, managers and a relationship timeline. However, especially considering the rise in multichannel communication and rising IT environment complexity, aspects of engagement and interaction-level experience tend to suffer as software is not able to encompass today’s multidimensional customer relationships.

CustomerXPs products take a non-transactional, human-like approach to banking in order to supplement existing IT infrastructure with intelligent software capability. Coupled with bleeding-edge real-time capability, the software is capable of enabling relevant, contextual intelligence extending from conversational



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