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A crystal’s energy field - so coherent and unidirectional combined with the ever-flowing river creates a tremendous positive force. A force to take you to new heights, new success – a total new level of positive transformation.

Crystal River is an organisation founded in these lines of thought and evolved by an inspired professional whose years of practical exposure, experience, learning and formal training are the foundation of a quality organization that provides the par excellence support and strategy to all associated client relationships.
Sunil Bhatia
Sudhir Anand, Founder & CEO
Strategy, Process, Innovation & Research is the core expertise of Sudhir Anand. He is an alumnus of  IHM, Bangalore, holds a Masters in Tourism & Diploma in Counselling Skills. He is currently registered for his PhD in Psychology related studies. His career began as a Continental Chef with a trainee to Director/ CEO growth with 16 plus years of experience in training & development, corporate HR, hotel operations & strategy, cruise lines recruitment & training, IT Solutions and food photography.
6+ numerous expert consultants
Our Consultations and services are catered to numerous hospitality organizations - Star Hotel Chains, Heritage Palaces, Unique Concept Restaurant Chains, Microbreweries being among the core clientele and a special mention as the Hospitality Consultant
of  His Royal Highness Srikantadatta Narasimharaajawadiyar, the Maharaja of  Mysore for his ultra-luxurious hospitality palace properties.
Boot Strapped
According to the company’s founder, there are no Indian firms that offer this multitude of exclusive hospitality services on a single platform, the US does have platforms in competition to Crystal River - Hospitality Solutions.
www.crystalrivermanagement.com | www.crystalriver.in
Key focus is on five elements – Business process | MysteryAudits | Software | Ventures | Photography
  • Business Process Orientation
  • Quality & Product Mystery Audits
  • Brand Orientation & Brand Standards
  • Food & Beverage Engineering
  • Talent Management
  • Hospitality & Food Photography
  • Customer Acquisition and Customer Relations software solutions
  • Management Contracts - Hospitality and F&B
  • Restaurant Property Take Over and creating ROI Models
To build a solution based on strategy and process which are current, upmarket with USP & ROI Drives built-in and, employee friendly. A solution made available for the small and medium hotel and restaurant property owners focussed on structured growth plans across the country and around the world assisting them to conceive a Brand and Brand Standards through Business Process Orientation and Strategy Measures. As part of Crystal River’s short term to medium term plan is to foray into the international arena of hospitality.
An organization unique in its approach in providing end to end platform in business process with dynamic documentation including product & food photography for promotion and training, world bench marked innovative product & quality mystery audits (shopping) with software solutions for customer acquisition and customer relations completely based on milestoned ROI Models.
Revenue is generated through services as consulting charges or professional fees which can be a total one time cost or on monthly retainers with all contracts being a minimum 6 months or 1 year basis to most times leading to rolling contracts or partnerships.
Awareness successfully created amongst associated brands and hospitality owners that process orientation combined with innovation and strategy are sure shots recession proof methodologies. Mystery Audits (Shopping) as learning tools towards product and service excellence. Talent hiring and building innovative business development job positions around the individual.