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Coaxial Networks Inc.

Coaxial Networks Inc.
About us
Coaxial Networks designs and manufactures data networking products. It’s IRIS Cable Modem Termination System (DOCSIS and Euro-DOCSIS CMTS) product line enable small to medium size cable operators and Internet Service Provider worldwide to easily deploy high speed internet access and advanced services such as VoIP, VoD
FOUNDED BY: Vijay Shrivastav and Archana Roy
and Wireless network over existing cable infrastructure. With suite of innovative Products, Services and Experience Coaxial Network smeet and deliver the future demand for Broadband that today's Service Providers and looking for.
Jan 2002
Santa Clara, CA and
Chennai, India
Vijay Shrivastav, Founder & CEO
Vijay Shrivastav has over 16 years of IP network industry experience. In the past he involved with various companies
such as ICAST, The Wollongong Group and First Virtual Communications. He Co-founded ICAST Corporation
in 1996 which developed IPTV products using IP Multicast technology. ICAST was acquired by First Virtual Corporation in 1998. He holds a Bachelors degree in Computer Science from Birla Institute of Technology, Ranchi, India.
Our clients are cable operators, multiple system operators, and private cable operators. Various hotels and resorts
around the world have also deployed our products to provide broadband services. Our SSL VPN security products are
sold to enterprise customers as a fully managed service.
Angel and INC3 Ventures
Cisco, Arris, Motorola
Coaxial Networks offers products and services for the cable
market. Its highly integrated line of CMTS products offer cable operators to provide broadband services over existing cable and HFC infrastructure.
Coaxial is also working to bring out security products for the small to medium enterprise. It’s Quiver TM SSL VPN product provides a secure, convenient and effective remote access solution to any company. Quiver checks and restores the status of all hosts attempting to acces the protected networks and dynamically assigns access rights accordingly, thus ensuring that all remote hosts satisfy the company’s security policies. Quiver can also clear all retrieved data from the client-end host when it terminates the session, leaving “zero” access trail.
The company generates revenue by selling its IRIS and
IRISNG line of Docsis 1.1/2.0/3.0 Cable Modem Termination Systems. It provides network design services and ongoing support contracts to maintain and manage cable data networks. Its Security products are offered as a fully managed service for small and medium enterprise.
While the bigger players mentioned above produce cable modem termination systems but Coaxial Networks products are highly integrated and easier to deploy and manage. The tight integration of software and management allows service providers to provide same advanced services without the need of multiple boxes.
Coaxial Networks is working on its DOCSIS 3.0 Integrated CMTS which will deliver 300Mbps from a single chassis. This solution will allow system operators to satisfy the customers need for higher bandwidths.