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Caritor Solutions

Caritor Solutions

Caritor Solutions was established in the year 2009 to address the gaps of the booming Mobile Applications and Mobility solutions space. Apart from the Mobile Landscape, the company is also into Enterprise Applications & Web Applications.
The company provides application development on all major Mobile Operating Platforms. Caritor has been instrumental in helping many government departments across southern part of India, namely, Karnataka, AP, in adopting Mobile Applications and Mobility Solutions.

Founded: 2009

Employee Count: 125

Investors: Privately Held

Clientele: Oracle India, Google, IBM, KPMG, TESCO, Government of Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Government of UAE, Oman and Qatar to name some.

Key Executive

Arvind Naidu

Arvind has always had an entrepreneurial mindset. After joining Caritor Solutions, he has been instrumental in shaping the company’s growth in different verticals through his exceptional handling of the front line function of Sales and Marketing.
Prior to Caritor, he held various positions like, Sales & Marketing, Business Development, Key Account Management, Channels and Alliances Management, handling multiple teams across different geographical locations for 15 years. Arvind has a sharp eye to spot business opportunities and fulfil the needs of customers . His expertise covers CRM and Retail.

Road Map

With the penetration of Mobiles Phones and Tablets across depth and breadth of borders, regions and geographies, the consumers have become highly tech savvy adopting the Social Media in a very big way.

By virtue of established processes and of strong clientele that Caritor has acquired in the last 4 years, combined with a team that has a very strong understanding the Consumer Experience and with a team of internal Social Media experts, the company has ventured into Social Media Analytics and Intelligence Space to address the growing needs of people who wants and expects nothing less than the best from their vendors. The company’s solutions are industry agnostic and can be consumed and used by any Industry as long as the intent is to provide quality services and products with a complete and holistic view of the their respective customers.

Differentiating Factors
Domain Strength
Combined Years of experience.
Cost Efficient
Addressing needs with rich user designs
Fast TAT

Revenue Model
The company’s revenues are through the fees charged to the clients for the services provided. These fees can be paid as you use (SaaS), fixed cost, time and material or number of users for products. The Service charges are tailored as per the project and client convenience.

Major Milestones
Organization has evolved from application Development Company on ERP and mobile to Mobile utility products development and providing solution stacks to business pains.
Entered Retail vertical in 2013 with major developments on solution stacks with mobility and wireless communication strength,
• 2013 - First retail solution implementation for a major client touching 1000 installations shortly by October 2013.
• 2012 - Crossed 100 employees in September.
• 2012 - Opened office in USA to be closer to customers.
• 2011 - Successfully executed major Government Initiatives and the company successfully completed ISO 9001 quality process implementation.
• 2011 - Crossed 1 Million USD in revenue realization.
• 2010 - Won the first major assignment for 700,000 USD for 2 years support and maintenance on oracle E biz platform.

Head office is based out of Bangalore India, with geographical presence spread across Mesa Arizona, Cincinnati Ohio, Kent- UK, & UAE.

Website: www.caritorsolutions.com