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About us
Bankai Group is a High-Tech, High Touch Technology Group focusing on investment and control of telecom, technology and multimedia related products and services. The prime motive of the company is innovation and creation of strategic business units around the globe. Bankai Group is committed to become the global market leader in telecom, technology and multimedia by convergence and become a partner and stakeholder of choice in the telecomindustry through excellence in all its chosen business verticals.

Driven by excellence, the company will continue to become number one in every sphere it operates. Bankai Group has a relentless and consistent focus on the development and
ownership of intellectual property rights and provision of value-added products, and services.

Bankai has operations in Four Continents in Asia, Africa, USA and Europe with breadth of its operational and technological expertise across emerging and high growth telecom markets, which indicates it is continuously breaking new ground. Over the past 17 Years Bankai Group's entrepreneurship culture has concentrated on identifying potential and encouraging Telecom Companies.

Bankai is involved in Telecommunications Wholesale, Retail, OSS/BSS services, Business solutions and Business process outsourcing (BPO) pertaining to Telecom Industry.
Mr. Bankim Brahmbhatt
Bankim Brahmbhatt
President and CEO
During the long 24 years in the tele-communications industries, Bankim Brahmbhatt has developed an enviable record of professional expertise by identifying new opportunities and working closely with multi-functional teams to develop and launch new products and gain leadership positions in fast-growing segments of Information Communication and Technology. The business model of Bankai Group is constantly fetching revenue through their several diversified businesses worldwide with a clear vision Transforming the world of Telecommunication and Finance through transparency and security with new Technology and Innovation
INDIA, USA, Kenya, Australia
At&T, MCI WorldCom(Verizon), iBasis (Now KPN), British Telecom, ITXC( TATA Communication), France Telecom, Belgacom, Telecom Italia etc
The product offerings of the Bankai group managed by Panamax Infotech, which is a subsidiary business unit, include
  • Carrier Infrastructure services: more than 50 satisfied Telco's, carriers and VAS providers are customers.
  • M Commerce Platform.( Panamax-MobiFin): Bankai & Button Telecom joint venture creating "ButtonPay" payment cloud in Africa, South America and CIS.
  • Dynamic Routing, Switching and Billing (Panamax-iMAX): more than 30 satisfied customers using this product and more than 100 hosted customers.
  • Carrier Grade Billing (Panamax BillCall): More than 50 satisfied customers who are using this product since 5 years.
  • Panamax-Bridge2Call IN Platform: The complete retail Voice platform suitable for Telco's and carriers having 5 operator testimonials and 40 hosted customers.
  • Panamax-Call Magic: The complete call center solution and there are 350 small, medium and big call centers and 7000 agents using this technology
Wholesale vioce traffic
Direct terminations onTDMtomore than 36major countries across the globe.
Hubbing services for operators.
Bankai group's strategic business units have been incorporated which will add value to the entire ecosystem of partnership by broadening its coverage, and taking strategic positions in its various target markets. Bankai's Telecom's software, products, services and applications catapults the efficiency of incumbent operators, wireless service providers, VoIP carriers, VoIP retail service providers and offers great revolutionary mechanism to the end-users by getting them connected worldwide with the help of their 1800 + interconnect partners. Some highlights:
  • Since 2001 till 2012 Bankai was constantly in Research and Development of the Products parallel to our growing Voice carrier business. We have developed unique Switching, Routing, Mediation and Real Time billing Technology ( Panamax-iMax)which enabled our Voice Carrier business to grow by 60% year on year.
  • Our Technology products like Panamax-Bridge2Call next generation intelligent platform , Panamax-MobiFin Mobile Commerce Platform gives us priority to have more port capacity and price support to terminate Voice traffic in operators network due to having different entry door by offering them our technology.
Our Business Units
  • Bankai International Pvt. Ltd( Mauritius)- Voice Carrier
  • Broadband Telecom Inc. ( USA)- Voice Carrier
  • BridgeVoice Inc. (USA)- Voice Retail & Carrier
  • Panamax Infotech Ltd.(INDIA)- Technology & KPO
  • Panamax Inc.(USA)- Technology & Hosted Platform
  • Technologies we offer to our tire 3 customers at low cost or some time adjusted with Voice traffic business, which gives us opportunity to aggregate more and more direct traffic from consumers rather than only carriers.
  • Our upcoming Carrier Cloud Mechanism which will allow us to have remarkable contribution in global voice traffic.
Transforming the world of Telecommunication and Finance through transparency and security with new Technology and Innovation
To create entrepreneurs' whose efforts are tuned towards stake holders interest
What Next?
Mobile Commerce & payment transaction processing; carrier grade class 4switch with dynamic rating, routing & billing/ Creating innovative Switching & Billing cloud for Carriers and Payment Cloud for m Commerce