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Arobit Technologies is an I.T Service Provider offering time bound, cost effective and value added services for technology innovative business solutions for Business Consultations, Web Development, Design, Smartphone app Development and Internet Marketing to diverse clientele across U.S., UK, Middle East, Europe, Australia, Africa, India and APAC regions. With a strong team of diversely skilled domain experts and IT pioneers, Arobit has been growing steadily ever since inception, constantly learning, evolving, ideating and innovating. Arobit’s clients includes startups, corporations and SMEs who engage them not just for technical expertise, but also for advice on what works and how best to leverage the platforms and technologies to achieve their objectives.

Key Executive


Amit is a dynamic goal-oriented professional with six years of entrepreneurial experience in a full range of IT Services, Marketing and Business Consultations. Prior to founding Arobit, Amit enjoyed a successful career in IT Consulting/Web Based App Developments serving various small to mid-range clients across the globe since the age of 14. It started when Master Amit utilized the potential of a computer with internet connection and created his own social networking website, through which he gained a lot of programming, business and website administration skills which later inspired a lot of other individuals who wanted to build similar websites at that point in time, Amit realized his true potential of offering Development services and today at the age of 20, Amit is the Director of Arobit Technologies as well as successful network marketer involved with renounced network marketing organization guiding hundreds of individuals across the country.
Amit leads the International Business Development team responsible for all client acquisitions and manages their successful introduction to Adroit. Amit is also responsible for the companies go to market strategies, creating strategic relationship with partners, helping to identify and develop joint venture opportunities. Amit is committed to ensuring clients have a positive experience with Arobit and he maintains an active role in the operational process and overall success beyond implementations. Arobit aims at setting up a business empire in the
coming years.
image of key personAmit De
Founder & CEO

Differentiating Factors
With the scalability and flexibility to support long-term growth, Arobit’s I.T. solutions provide a single point of accountability to promote rapid return on investment and low total cost of ownership. At Arobit priority is given to client’s requirement analysis and feedback study since Arobit believes in long term relationship and client satisfaction for its faster growth. Instead of just implementing solutions, Arobit works closely with their customers to provide consulting as per their business objectives. They provide end-to-end solutions
with State-of-art technology.

Revenue Model

Arobit Technologies engages its clients in various flexible ways using our refined engagement models to manage client requirements that could be one-time or ongoing multi-year projects.
• Fixed Time/Fixed Cost Project Model
• Dedicated Teams Model (DTM)
Their major revenue comes from repeated businesses from their customers.


Arobit has successfully delivered over 500 IT projects including private and government projects including CRM, SCM Systems and other web/mobile applications.

What's next?

• Currently privately held, Arobit is trying to expand their business to various parts of United States and Europe and also setup offices to provide on-site support to their customers.
• Their goal is to continue to remain profitable, and take pride in offering solutions which will keep their clients happy, provide growth paths to their employees and most importantly continue to add value to their customers.


Arobit competes with hundreds of other companies focused on Consultancy/Development Services for web and mobile. Because Arobit is small, it can be more agile and bring high caliber start up type culture to work on its customer projects.