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Appnomic Systems
About us
Appnomic Systems simplifies IT with innovative analytics software for IT application operations. Founded in 2006, the company's solutions provide enterprise IT Application Operations (AppOps), DevOps teams and online companies with the ability to prevent IT application performance incidents like slowness and down time. Appnomic technology also enables users to gear up and gear down application speed based on end-user experience and business goals. The company specializes in serving businesses with high transaction volume operations – such as banks, large online businesses, and manufacturers.
D Padmanabhan
MD & Ceo: D Padmanabhan
Global Headquarters: Bangalore, India, North American Headquarters: Santa Clara, CA, Sales and Service Delivery: Various across India, Dubai, UAE, and the United States
D Padmanabhan
D Padmanabhan, MD & Ceo: Paddy, as he is known to most, is passionate about delivering a game changing, autonomic soluti on for application performance and infrastructure management. He has been involved in the IT industry for over 25 years with leading organizations like PSI-Bull and Infosys. At Infosys, Paddyled the solution architecture team of Finacle - core banking soluti on. He is a graduate in Mathemati cs from Madras University.
The company's customers include some of the largest banks and travel portals in Asia and the Middle East as well as a number
of US based enterprises including one of the largest law firms in the world and a leading Silicon Valley semiconductor company.
Norwest Venture Partners (NVP), PromodHaque, out of Palo Alto, California
Appnomic Systems is competing with other leaders in IT Operations Analytics (ITOA) software as well as select enterprise software companies. Some examples include BMC, CA, HP, and Dell/Quest.
  • AppsOne brings "Big Data" pattern discovery and correlati on analytics to the IT applications operati on. The software delivers Early Warning Alerts™ on enterprise and Web application performance issues to prevent business affecting problems in live producti on environments.
  • OpsOne is a data center process automation solution that provisions resources, makes confi gurati on changes to enhance end user / business performance, and more. It complements AppsOne and, together, they provide a unique and compelling value propositi on.
  • RIMS+ is Appnomic's Remote Infrastructure Managed Services offer of AppsOne and OpsOne as a managed service. RIMS+ supports enterprise and CloudCo operations across the globe.
What Next?
Appnomic technology hopes to replace the existing application performance management (APM) technologies of today that are focused on accelerating fixes versus preventing them in the first place. It has some of the best engineers and architects working on newer features that will deliver significant benefits to the IT Application Operations domain as well. The company envisions delivering auto-scaling (up, down, and out) of complex, enterprise and Web applications.
Differentiating Factors:
Unlike traditional application performance management (APM) or enterprise analytics software, limited to reacting to IT incidents, Appnomic's solutions prevent them from occurring in the first place. The company enables this through patent pending Application Behavior Learning (ABL) technology and through a unique combination of monitoring + analyti cs + automation.
Revenue Model:
Appnomic is a software and services company and charges like many other similar companies. Wherever relevant, the company charges per application, per process, or per unit "managed" with Appnomic software.