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Alliance Group

Alliance Group

Key Persons:
Mr. Manoj Namburu, Chairman & Managing Editor
Mr. Manoj Namburu is the one of the key persons of the company. He brings with him 22
years of professional experience along with an extensive network and goodwill, serving
customers with high levels of ethics and integrity. In his current role as “Chairman and
Managing Director of Alliance Group, Namburu defines the group’s vision and management
strategies. He helps the organization keep itself firmly focused and committed to its
delivery of quality to customers and to the organizational values and mission. Namburu is
the author of the much sought after book “Moguls of Real Estate” and is also the proud recipient
of the Economic Times Ace Tech award for “Leaders of Indian Infrastructure and Construction”,
which recognized him for his contribution towards the Indian real estate industry.

Mr. Suneel Bommireddy, Executive Director
Mr. Bommireddy heads Strategic Finance and Asset Acquisitions for Alliance. He holds a
Civil Engineering degree from SV University. He has 17 years experience strategizing and
building various businesses. As Executive Director he heads the legal, liaison, land acquisitions
and strategic finance departments.

Mr. Kamallakar Shet, Director
Mr. Shet retired as the Executive Director of Syndicate Bank with a business of Rs.74, 000
crores. He functioned as Chairman & Managing Director of Syndicate Bank from 2004 to
2005. He is known for excellent skills in establishing, developing and maintaining financial
sector businesses like banking and mutual funds. Instrumental in creating highly motivated
teams at Syndicate Bank and Canara Bank, he has handled diversified portfolios over a period
of 36 years in Canara Bank & Syndicate Bank in various capacities.


Differentiating Factors
• "Execution as a strategy" -
Alliance focuses on execution
to deliver every project on time.
• "Value innovation at the heart" – The company
focuses on using new and alternative technologies
and developing large scale projects to attain scales of
• “Clear title properties and no deviations in approval"
- All of Alliance’s properties have absolutely clear titles
and they do not deviate from approved plans.
• Alliance was established in 2004 with one project on
hand worth about 125 crores and today it is executing
projects worth over Rs.5000 crores and is on a major
expansion drive and will soon double the projects by
• It has also established offices in two other countries to
develop real estate locally.
The company aims to be world’s largest real estate
developer with annual revenues of US$10 billion by
2025, thus bringing pride to the country.