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A K Speak Wireless Pvt. Ltd.

A K Speak Wireless Pvt. Ltd.
About us
Speak Wireless is an Indian company privately owned and funded. Founded in 2001, Speak Wireless is a provider of Telecommunications Services which helps carriers, ISPs and other service providers to design, develop and deploy telecom-class applications for mobile and conventional networks. Speak's information and telecommunication services allow its customers to accomplish on-time and on-budget solutions, whether for internal needs or applications offered to customers.
Anil Kumar
Founder and MD:Anil Kumar
Anil Kumar
Anil Kumar, Founder and MD: An MBA in IT, Kumar has over ten years of experience in Telecom Project Management, Service Delivery Management, Business Development and Technical Support. He has pioneered the establishment of company operati ons from scratch and successfully deployed many services on IVR, WAP, SMS and USSD on leading telecom networks in India. Kumar has executed Telecom Infrastructure Projects for Airtel, Vodafone, Uninor, Virgin Mobile, Tata and MTS. He has helped VAS and Marketi ng team to achieve revenue targets, products and services deployment, new product development, acquisiti on, issues resolving of all circles and customer relati ons. Kumar has led a team of 400+ Executi ves for managing operati onal acti viti es within the region and maintaining new/existi ng networks.
Speak Wireless competes with other able players of the industry like Spice and One97.
Speak Wireless works with the leading telecommunication companies like Vodafone, Uninor and Airtel.
Self Funded
Services provided by Speak Wireless comprise of three categories: IT Soluti ons, Mobile Data Soluti ons and Telecom Soluti ons. The company is focused on value added services in three verti cals namely IVR Services, Outbound & Inbound Portal and Technical Support. The unique VAS store, a portal with exclusive features combining SMS, Voice, WAP and Web, is a complete platf orm for all users. All a user needs to do is to login on www.vasstore.com by submitti ng his/her mobile number. Aft er going through the consent gateway as per the TRAI guidelines, the customer gives consent for acti vati on of the service. VAS Store provides the customer with advantage of having the enti re bouquet of services on a handset or PC. Speak Wireless also provides technical support on data services.
  • The process of activation of service is transparent and as per the TRAI guidelines.
  • Customer has the advantage of having the complete set of services on a handset or PC.
  • Operator saves the call center cost.
  • The company uses its vast knowledge to cater to diverse group of customers through its technical support services.
  • Speak Wireless is enabling the end users to manage devices and applicationson theirown.
  • 24x7 availability
  • Variety of content and services at fingertips
  • Option to experience the service before buying
  • Time effective activation of service
  • No forceful activations
  • Easy and user-friendly interface
  • Target right product to the right customer
  • Reduces manpower
  • Minimize customer churn and increase shell life
  • No worries of TRAI violation
  • Increase data penetration
Speak Wireless is working on technology and portals. The company aims to create the kind of portals where end users can manage operations on their own. The goal of the company is to create an ecosystem where it can reach out to the telecom and web customers.