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TOP 5 Web Hosting Companies in India
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TOP 5 Web Hosting Companies in India 2015
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About us
One of the largest providers of cloud-based online solutions the world over, Bluehost is a company built on the promise to deliver top of the line, affordable hosting solutions to people around the world. The company is in the business of building the internet, one website at a time and has been around globally since 2003 with its India operations having started this year. Bluehost's customers rely on the company's years of experience and ready-when-you-need support to grow their businesses online. As a leader in VPS, Dedicated Hosting, Reseller Hosting, Shared Hosting the company's customers look to Bluehost to deliver reliable, secure and scalable solutions for their IT needs.

The typical BlueHost market landscape globally and specially in India is a mixture of small to medium business & web designers, a combination of which makes up more than 80% of ITS customers base. The remainder is split between NGOs and people building websites for personal use. With India, the general market behavior is that of low IT adoption which we see as an exciting challenge.

One of the biggest challenges in India is the lack of IT infrastructure and awareness. Only about 5% of small businesses in India currently have an online presence. While this presents a huge opportunity of a market place to capture it also gives us an idea of the resistance people in India have to getting online. Our first challenge will be to get people to understand the benefits of being online.

The company's offering ranges from providing affordable hosting to the tiniest of businesses to being able to provide the technical infrastructure to support high scale high traffic websites. BlueHost does this via a vast hosting portfolio of VPS, Dedicated Hosting, Reseller Hosting & Shared Hosting services. All these products are support by world class infrastructure and operational systems. Adding to this is the great support which is the company's biggest priority. Best in class support is provided 24x7x365 days a year.
With over 12 years of experience in this space BlueHost is one of the best companies in its field. Using economies of scale, the company is able to provide secure, professionally monitored Linux servers , including unlimited features with no hidden fees or gimmicks at extremely affordable rates. This is a fairly rare offering in today's competitive world. To add the cherry on top of this the company has now setup its India website ( geared to Indian sentiments as well as setup its team of qualified localized support personnel.

At BlueHost we encourage an employee lifestyle that celebrates freedom and harbors and rewards innovation. We have an open door policy at BlueHost and adhere to a transparent flow of information either top-down or bottom up. This ensures maximum visibility amongst employees and encourages fair ethical practice at work.

With a strong global presence we have now set our sights on and growing our selves within India. While we have just setup the India website ( and a local office we are now looking forward to scaling up operations in the region. In addition to a great product offering, we believe it is equally important to provide 24/7 with the right people that understand the language and culture of the region.

No idea is too big or too small; no idea is too unrealistic or too silly. With our transparent open door policy we encourage our employees to raise their voices and share their opinions. A range of internal tools and repositories enable employees to be heard throughout the entire company at an international level. If an idea or a concept makes sense and you have the determination then BlueHost will provide all the tools and means necessary to help see it through.

 BlueHost was setup in Provo, Utah in 2004. Since then we have been following a 'glocalization' model by setting up localized offices in new regions. Since we have now set our site on India, we will begin spreading awareness of our presence with both above the line and below the line marketing activities in India. Some of these activities will include paid search, print, email campaigns, Affiliate Marketing, Events, Promotions, PR & Social Media. All these efforts focused on sending out one message of Affordable , Reliable Hosting with an Access to 24/7 localized support.

BlueHost boasts a huge client list powering over 2 million websites worldwide and is especially proud of how happy clients are with the services. BlueHost is a fixed recommendation on Wordpress' Elite List of Web Hosting Providers ( and last but definitely not the lease it is also Google's Top Ranked WebHosting Provider.
While we have been around globally for a while, our India arm has opened only recently. The market already has a strong brand presence from strong global players like Hostgator as well as big local players of the likes of zNet. However with 95% of the market space still waiting to get online there is huge potential. We already receive thousands of visitors a day from on India on our global website with zero marketing efforts in the region, which goes to show the immense power of word of mouth marketing from providing a genuinely good offering.

Year of founding: 2003
Funding information: Parent Company Endurance International Group (EIG)
Founding members: Dan Handy
Company strength: 700+ Employees
Office locations: Headquarters in Provoh,Utah ; Additional offices in Mumbai Mangalore & China