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Miracle Studios

Miracle Studios

About the Company

Miracle Studios is an award-winning web design company offering innovative and custom web design solutions to our more than 2000 loyal clients. The company’s reach extends globally and workforce is passionate and dedicated. Rated among the best web development companies in India, Miracle Studios is known for its quality and innovative ideas in design and development.

The satisfaction of its customers comes first. The company starts by analyzing the needs of an organization to understand its inner workings and the kind of image it wants to display. Its solutions are a combination of creative insights, expert knowledge and cutting edge design.  Miracle’s foundation is based on a systematic approach and best practices with solutions that deliver a certain ROI as expected. The firm fully comprehends the need for profitable solutions and aspires to provide only the best and explores new avenues and pushes its experts to innovate leading to the best possible solutions. The results speak for themselves. 

Current Market Landscape

Minimalism is one of the most common trends in the current market. It’s the perfect style for RWD: no clutter, an eye for what matters and optimal use of white space. In other words: Less is more. Another key characteristic is the use of Vibrant Custom Illustrations and Iconography which are being added in most of the designs alongside motions animations. The Design industry is influenced tremendously by the new trends. The whole treatment to a project changes, based on the design trends.

More spacious designs are being appreciated these days with a clear reason; minimal words can give major insights of any company or business along with equally precise big images. The user gets a great experience in any device medium they use.

The 3 B's are the core of typography being used in websites today which are BOLD, BIG and BEAUTIFUL font. More customized and authentic icons are being used that already follow the trend of those same icons in each website which was followed a few years back. Now each website offers an edge to its design with custom designed icons which are making the user experience richer day by day.

New experiments are being done and old website design rules are being broken. For instance, a normal trending banner homepage is being replaced by no banners at all. Videos are trending in place of banners and its usage is peaking on a number of websites though, soon it will be replaced by some other creative trend.

A part from this industry, Miracle Studios envisions more interactive virtual experiences. More engaging UI, stereoscopic sites have been there but have never been popular due to certain factors however, they will be occupying a major part of virtual multimedia a few years down the line.

More futuristic colors are being welcomed by audiences these days. Colors intensify the purpose and create a lasting memory. In sum, a great change is happening everyday in digital designing and for the years to come, it will be a tremendously progressive field in terms of change. What remains the same throughout is that a good design surpasses the time factor. A visionary design stands forever regardless of passing trends.

Addressing the Challenges

With the internet technology moving from web towards mobile, Miracle remains prepared to match up to the dynamism of the industrial environment. As much convenient the movement of the technology is towards the mobile, it understands the vitality of web designing that still prevails.

To meet the purpose, Miracle has grouped teams of experts in the field, who strive to bring together mobile friendly designs that not only fit the desk systems but also share congenial working on multiple devices. The firm keep themselves updated with whatever is new in the industry and enhance the work procedures with product based strategies where it embarks on adding divisions to its work and expanding the business horizontals.

At Miracle, the workforce is such that each person in responsibility keeps themselves fully updated of the innovations and novelty happening in their arenas of work. 


Miracle caters the following services:

1) Web Designing: Miracle invests its time and effort into building an appealing look as well as an enhanced user interface that engages audiences using the best possible web design solutions.

2) Web Development: Miracle makes use of the best available technology and processes to develop the best possible back end for any website. 

3) Graphics Designing: Creating stunning graphics for enhancing the overall feel of websites with a touch of extra. Miracle does not work on freely available material, but create from its own insight.

4) Branding: Miracle’s designers help building a brand face by working on Logo Designing that goes a long way in lifting the branding strategy.

5) Internet Marketing: Miracle’s SEO services focus on achieving Awareness, Interest, Desire and Action. The firm further optimizes user engagement with our Social Media and Search Engine marketing services.

6) Game Development: Miracle’s team of experts turns gaming ideas into reality. It has the knowledge and the resources to create amazing games that reach wide audiences.

7) Mobile app Development: Miracle provides apps that are unique in every way. Development is based on providing interesting features combined with enhanced functionality and vast appeal.

8) Organic Marketing: Using the current trend of organic content marketing, Miracle has a huge happy client base who’s websites underwent drastic improvements in ranking by using completely organic means.

9) Augmented Reality: The technology of Augmented Reality is increasing immensely and Miracle hasn’t been on the back-foot. The firm has a team of professionals that work dedicatedly towards the achievement of whatever is new in the industry.

10) Virtual Reality: Day in and out, this highly dynamic industry is the hot iron to strike at. Especially after Facebook’s recent F8 conference, this is the technology the firm is gushing at. Soon, it is coming out with a horror VR Game- the Bet, that’ll be a worth watch.

Differentiating Factors

1) 100 Percent Customer Satisfaction: Miracle’s clients are more than happy with its works, which is way; a lot of them come back with new projects.

2) Competitive Pricing: Miracle only believes in fair share.

3) Skilled and highly efficient workforce which keeps it going for more

4) High quality work that keeps pushing it to going for more.

5) Dynamism and adaptation to changes in the industrial sphere

 6) Crisis Management to not let anything hold it back


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Organizational Culture

Miracle adopts a dynamic organizational culture wherein it looks at employee growth along with that of the organization. Fair and equal treatment to both the genders has always been in its focus. Also, the people of the organization are in full liberty of putting forth their views and ideas just about everything. The firm welcomes change.

Employee's fitness and stability between professional and personal life is Miracle’s priority. It does its best to strike that balance and so it arranges official trips, office celebrations and every alternative Wednesday the firm spares 45 minutes for fun activities. For fitness, it arranges fitness activities in its office e.g. Zumba and Fitness Dances etc.

Harboring Innovation

Miracle holds monthly meetings between employees and higher management where they share their ideas for the betterment of the organization. It additionally holds various training programs in its organization to provide for a better exposure and understanding, so that none of them feels they are left behind in the market competition.

Go-to-Market Plans

Miracle’s Global Partnership Programs with players from multiple global markets are a testimony of itsglobal strategy.

1.       Global Tie Ups

For the year, Miracle landed successful ties with global players in countries like the US, Australia and from Europe as well. For the forthcoming year, it is looking at tie ups with leading global consultants and market players. It is also looking forward to opening offices at multiple locations internationally, further increasing its global presence, being the pivotal element of its global strategy.

2.       Expanding Product Horizontals

Also, expanding the scope of its horizontals, Miracle has in succession launched multiple home products in the market with GameGorillaz: an eCommerce Marketplace for Digital Gaming Assets, ProcusVR: a Virtual Reality headset to give life like experiences to VR Players with incessantly increasing sales over Amazon. AppMeadows: an ecosystem that guides through the app development process, SocialLocker: a tool that helps websites boost their social media reach via unlocking content and multiple such products in the pipeline. All these products are made available in the international markets as well.

3.       Beyond Web Development

Besides focusing on web, Miracle has a dedicated team of professionals that work on Game and App Development, like on hot-plates. The firm chose a team of people who had a flair for the kind of the works that was needed and who thus are now the apostles of bringing to light, all the improvements in the technology those happen in the self-motivated work sphere. The willingness to work in its people has surpassed the precincts of a start-up, to becoming a fully grown organization in the sphere. 

Quick Facts

1) Year of founding: 2007

2) Funding information: Self Funded

3) Founding members: Mr. Sandeep Arora & Mr. Rajan Arora

4) Office locations: Chandigarh IT Park

5) Company strength: 90-100

6) Website: