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GM Techno Solutions

GM Techno Solutions

About Company
Founded in 2010 by Mr. Gautam Singal and Mr. Manoj Vadehra, GM Techno Solutions was primarily providing only Web Design Solutions. Slowly as the company progressed, it stepped in the field of Software Development and SEO. GM Techno Solutions, capable of providing/offering appropriate and optimal solutions for every possible business in today’s market, strives to provide world class solutions to customers through innovative and friendly approach. The company takes pride in their ability to work and research continuously and to provide best quality solutions and services which are delivered in, time and cost effective manner.

 A major challenge in Web Designing Segment is the evolving of technological. The swift advancement in technology requires continuous training and development of the employees to be up to date. Another challenge is to provide customers with high end solutions.
In order to overcome these problems, the company keep themselves updated by regularly monitoring the developments in the technologies used and thus inculcate with the ever changing world of technology. It also organizes Knowledge Sharing sessions every week, where expert employees share their experiences and reviews regarding the advancements and the latest features in the technologies of their domain. By taking these steps, GM Techno Solutions is able to provide their customers with solutions that they aspire and invest for.
The company’s core strength lies in providing quality products at best prices. It not only try to give customers best products based on their requirements but also discuss the problems they face while going online with their business in order to develop a new strategy for them. GM Techno Solutions also focuses on creating best quality products based on current day demanding the market within stipulated time to make our relationship stronger.
A client of the company in Advertising Business always faced the problem of them to getting the maximum output from their employees. Also, they were dealing with the problem of expanding their business over the internet. Many a times they have tried to launch their business online but were not able to succeed.

But when they came into contact with GM Techno Solutions, the company designed a complete business solution for them which not only helped them to let their business run online efficiently but also helps the owners of company to know what is going on with the staff without letting staff know about it. There were no CCTV solutions provided but instead GM Techno Solutions came up with a software through which the clients whole website could be managed and also a feature in their software which let them track that which employee is working on which order and from how much time. Also, they come to know that each order has been transferred from employee to employee. Even their customers are also managed through this single software.

Another client, a Storage System Manufacturer and Dealer had many websites prior to our relationship with them. But the key problem they faced is the service and quality of product. The company followed their key policy and provided their clients with website catering to their needs. The greatest challenge faced during this project was that initially they had no understanding of the business model of their client company. But, despite of this challenge, the team continuously kept themselves in contact with them and designed the best quality solution.
Every employee of the company is allowed to spend a few hours per week on simply something ‘They’ want to develop. These are somewhat like their personal projects which are discussed and criticized (always positive) by the other employees whenever someone completes their project. Thus letting their employees spend some of their time away from the hectic and sometimes monotonous routine. Further, this very simple activity lets them create something innovative and simultaneously help them in upgrading their skills.

 The solutions provided by the company are one of the best in terms of quality and are not only according to customer’s demands but also helpful to them to define their step in their industry. The firm also provides a strategic policy to every client how to market their products/ services online so that they are benefitted from their investment and trust in us. The company also tires to give 24x7 services to our clients.
Website Designing Industry in India is facing several challenges. The greatest challenge before the industry is to provide good quality products at best prices. Since there are a large number of freelancers coming up every day, providing services at cheapest prices, but, unfortunately the solutions are not of the optimal level of quality.

GM Techno Solutions has developed a policy to cater this problem: Quality Product at Quantity Price. As the name suggests, The company provides their clients with quality products (Websites, Softwares, etc.) at the best price possible. And their key strength lies in providing the after sales services through which they try their best to make the customers feel more than satisfied. This is the key reason why their clients recommend and vouch for the company.
The company follows the policy of unity and believes that strength is when we are together not apart. But ‘Apart’ in organization, according to the company means giving everybody task and then expecting that task to be completed by them only. It does not follow the policy of ‘Apartness’, but instead follows the policy of ‘Togetherness’ through which they improve their relationship with their friends in business; their employees. The key to their strength is that the company does not impose any specific task on employees, but ask them what task do they want to perform in the specific project and accordingly they complete their task thus enabling them to achieve best out of our their employees.
The company is looking forward to be the most successful organization in offering best quality solutions in its vertical along with reasonable costs. It is also trying to achieve customer’s satisfaction, which is their greatest milestone, unlike other companies, as clients are the key to the company’s success. Also, the company is planning to expand to all major cities all over India.
GM Techno Solutions aspires to give best in quality products to their customers and also contribute something to society. With this in mind they are trying to open up websites for each and everyone in the market to make them sell online and make their presence known globally, at a cost efficient solutions, because, if customers are present globally then so is a company.