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Sagar Aquaculture Pvt. Ltd

Sagar Aquaculture Pvt. Ltd

About the Company

In 2013, Sagar Aquaculture Pvt. Ltd. was founded in Rajkot, (Gujarat). The firm initially started to manufacture Aerator Impeller only and today it makes 100 percent Made in India Aerator and other equipments. Sagar Aquaculture is the first company who started to manufacture full aerator in India. Before 2013, it was only imported from China or some parts were imported from China and assembled in India. The company brought advanced aquaculture technology and products to main land and proactively developed the progressive aquaculture market, pouring new activity to domestic aquaculture. Besides, it continuously creates new technology of aquaculture machinery and promotes new concept of aquaculture projects.

For better understanding and importance of aeration system in aquaculture, the company started its own aquaculture practice in 2014 and start 5 acre research project in Bhavnagar. It also started to research on how to make more profitable and high-tech aquaculture to serve model in aqua industries.

Today, the company is not only one of the first leading manufacturing companies of paddle wheel aerator in India, but also has a significant presence in Nepal, Bangladesh, and Srilanka. It is the India’s first organization to provide products not only in India but also in foreign countries.

Current Market Landscape

Market is growing every year. The most powerful reason is India has a big seashore area and there are lakhs of hector land unused, where no agriculture activity can grow. As aquaculture is the highest profitable industries for small farmers so it is increasing day by day. More than 40 percent aqua farmers are using tradition aeration system due to not availability of knowledge and electricity also. Government support very well these days to provide 24 hours’ electricity to better production of shrimp and fish. This way the market will also shift from traditional aquaculture to high production aquaculture. So, market will increase in coming days for aquaculture and aeration system also.

Addressing the Challenges

Electricity supply will be enough available for aquaculture industries and as shrimp and fish price is depend on international demand and supply so, aqua farmer are reducing their production cost by man power, feed wastage, low electricity use and low pro-biotic use.

Sagar Aquaculture is doing lot of RND for making more efficient aeration system, also developing automatic feeding machine for save feed wastage and low man power use. This way they are going to help aqua farmers for reducing production cost to stand against price variation market.


Based on the service demand of domestic and overseas market integration, integrated the excellent resources. As it is found in imported Aerator, people have several problems about parts and services. So the company tries to solve those problems by manufacturing full set of Aerator. Day by day they have found that, Aquaculture industries require more use full machine like, Spiral Aerator, Mud Lifting Machine. Now, Sagar Aquaculture serves all equipment, parts and services under the one roof.

Differentiating Factors

The company not only sells machines but gives complete solution for their aeration need. They have aquaculture engineers who have pursued engineering from IIT Kharagpur. The team has good knowledge about aeration needs for different conditions like total bio mass, temp. salinity, water area, fish type, aeration need in day time and night time.

The company aware farmers by doing farmer meet in different area for giving knowledge of electric operated and diesel operated aeration how reduce 15 percent cost of production. They also educate farmers on how to save their motor from electric supply disturbance, how to increase plastic life, how to increase gear box life and this way they do not get any trouble during culture and save their bio mass and also avoid emergency of aeration.

By opening different state service centres, the company gives immediate service to the clients. Above anything is not provide by other company and this is the reason they are one of the leading brands in India for aeration system for aquaculture.


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Organizational Culture

Sagar Aquaculture is going to make international structural company in the upcoming days; construction will be starting in Feb 2017. They are planning for provide good quality of food, accommodation, sport activity area for employee and do some activity for overall growth. Also, they have plans for share profit with employees from company profit and reserve some fund for help every employees for their emergency need or good occasion need. This way, they believe in family culture and helping culture for their Sagar Parivar.

 Harboring Innovation

The company motivates and encourages their employee to come up with their new ideas which boost the company, for that they constantly arrange meeting and training at short interval and never miss the chance to enjoy together.

Future Roadmap

Sagar Aquaculture was established in 2013. It Is the First manufacture aquaculture Aerator in India. It has been adhering to the business philosophy of “Sincere, Innovative and Practical” and expectation of “Develop aquaculture scale and Promote aquaculture technology” to make proactive investment aquaculture industry. Integrated with industry talents, advanced technology and excellent service, Sagar Aquaculture is all set to mark a new mileage in India and take a seat in international market. In the coming days, they have plans to compete with China by quality and also price also. They are also planning to make demo research in company for day to day experiment and innovation.

Quick Facts

1) Year of founding: 2013

 2) Funding information: Own Fund

3) Founding members: Mr Yogesh Sagpariya & Mr Vimal Sagpariya

4) Office locations: Nr. Old toll tax, Rajkot Gondal Highway, Kothariya, Rajkot

5) Company strength: Overall 70+ employee in all

6) Website: