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Php MySql Web Developer Course

We are offering this course as a package, where you can learn 5 languages i.e. HTML, CSS, Java Script, PHP (with SMARTY, Oops and Caching) and MYSQL. As, this is an online course, you can start learning this course from your home itself, you can learn this course whenever you are free. This course consists of different chapters, every chapter has a textual document, a video to explain the textual and an assignment to give you a practical exposure on the concept. After learning all the languages we will provide you with a live project, where you have to work on all the five languages. Once you complete the project, you have to take an online test, once you got through the test then we will provide you a certificate as PHP MYSQL Web Developer. After getting the certificate even we are providing you the placement assistance for the candidates Contact:
SiliconIndia Team,

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1: Why video has blocke what is the reason behind that show me the demo to geta confidence in ur online course
Posted by: hemant Vallabh Divkar - Thursday, Nov 29, 2012
2: Sorry the video does not load and can access to this video
Posted by: GAUTAM CHAKMA - Monday, Jun 25, 2012

Php MySql Web Developer Course

If it's free of cost then why should you apply it as 6000/_ Rs. Fee.It's not good.
Posted by: - Thursday, Nov 18, 2010

Php MySql Web Developer Course
Posted by: Shyam Balasaheb Kaloge - Thursday, Nov 18, 2010
5: Can I opt only PHP and MYSQL including a web development project? The cost of entire course.
Posted by: M G PRAKASH - Saturday, Jun 05, 2010
6: Please provide me the details.
Posted by: Jitendra Gope - Wednesday, Feb 17, 2010
7: How much the course costs?
Posted by: avanthi ravula - Saturday, Jan 30, 2010
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Posted by: mabell stella koneh - Wednesday, Jan 20, 2010
9: Good evening if you find me then please reply. My question is,is it free of cost?If yes then please sent all information about it in my email-id,is
Posted by: vikash kumar choudhary - Tuesday, Jan 19, 2010
10: is it free of cost? Please inform me right now.
Posted by: vikash kumar choudhary - Tuesday, Jan 19, 2010
11: hi
please inform me how to join the course
Posted by: YALLA VENKAT REDDY - Tuesday, Jan 12, 2010
12: To register for the online Courses provided by the Siliconindia click here:

Posted by: Murali R - Saturday, Jan 09, 2010
13: it is so easy.. just register urself on
.they wll call u and get u enrolled.
Posted by: avishek behera - Tuesday, Jan 05, 2010
14: how do i join? please i want to join this course as soon as possible
Posted by: steven frank chanza - Monday, Dec 28, 2009
15: Thank You for this idea.i'm studying B.Tech(Agriclture Information Technology) at TNAU so i want to join this course friend plz help me. send details to
Posted by: Satheesh kumar Manoharan - Saturday, Oct 10, 2009
16: hiiiiiiii......please tell me how to join this it free??.......
Posted by: sumit khanna - Saturday, Sep 26, 2009
17: Thank you for providing the online course to the students from all over the world.
I am wondering how to join the course. Could you provide the information.
Best regards
Posted by: Laxmi Gottumukkala - Monday, Sep 21, 2009
18: NARPATSINGH RAJGURU (LAWYER) RHC-JODHPUR VILLAGE/POST-BHATELAI 9829325474-9413063122 9413521141 9950226907 9928129621
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