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Laloo Prasad Yadav in comedy mood

Union railways minister Lalu Prasad is to rule the roost on Youtube. A clip showing Lalu translating a Hindi poem into English while presenting the railway budget in February has become a huge hit on YouTube. The clip is about Lalu reciteing a Hindi poem during the speech, in which he seeks to convey his achievements in the ministry of railways. The clip dated February 26, 2008 has attracted over 3.5 lakh hits from across the globe. While reciting the poem, he is interrupted by MPs, demanding him to translate it into English. Yadav stops, and says in English, "I will try to translate myself in English here." He then goes on to recite the complete poem in Hindi, and to peals of laughter, tries to translate it in English. The Lok Sabha Speaker, Somnath Chatterjee, is seen covering his mouth as he tries to suppress his laughter at Yadav's inimitable attempts to translate the poem into English. Yadav says, "Everybody is appreciating, ki I have done a tremendous work. Each and every year, I have earned crores and crores every day. And they are saying, Lalu has planted a fruit tree, and every year, it is duty of my, to grow fruit tree." To much mirth in the House, Chatterjee quips, "After this, the railways will not face any problems."

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1: beautiful.....
Posted by: anish thomas - Wednesday, Apr 08, 2009
2: wow
its nice video....

shows the humours nature of the laloo......
Posted by: rav kum - Friday, Feb 06, 2009
3: Lallu ji is a really asset for our country , but he has to be careful from flattered surroundings . Alok Sharan Patna
Posted by: alok sharan - Sunday, Oct 19, 2008
4: Cool Lalluji
Posted by: Mahesh Moktan - Friday, Jul 11, 2008
5: The ultimate guru of comedy has been reincarnated as Lalu Prasad Yadav.He is doing his business in his own style and that is commendable.Now he is a global character.....keep it up Laluji u r goin great guns..
Posted by: Sourav Chatterjee - Friday, Jul 11, 2008
6: What ever happened in past is now history. Mr.Lalu Prasad Yadav has shown his calibre and his abilities and worth by doing what no other RAILWAYS MINISTER could not even think of doing in the past. And on top of that, his style and approach has attracted people across the globe. Hats off to him....
Posted by: Ashish Chawla - Friday, Jul 11, 2008
7: Now lalu is Global personality.....having termendous power to put their view in simpler way to make people undestand...he is gr8............surjit sanjay, P.Senthil--Tamil Nadu
Posted by: surjit sanjay - Friday, Jul 11, 2008
8: It is a unique style of Lalu Ji (Bihari Babu). Go Ahead sir.
We like your style. Bhojpuri misrit Angrejee bolte hai to bahute badhiya lagta hai......
Posted by: SURENDRA OJHA - Friday, Jul 11, 2008
9: lalu ka to jawaab nahin
Posted by: Firdausi Imam - Friday, Jul 11, 2008
10: kya bat hai lalu g aap ke fan hai..ham............go a head........ jai bihar................u can simply express typical matter in to the simple manner .... aur chha jate ..hai.................

aap ko koti koti.danwad........ ek bar phir............"JAI BIHAR".AUR "JAI INDIA"
Posted by: Diwakar Priyadrshi - Thursday, Jul 10, 2008
11: lalu always do consciously comedy,even it seems nonsense!he puts serious matter also in a humigical style!
Posted by: basant sarma - Thursday, Jul 10, 2008
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