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Mavis IT Services Pvt. Ltd.

Mavis IT Services Pvt. Ltd.

About the Company

Mavis IT Services Pvt. Ltd. (winner of the Best Services Awards in PAN India by Indian Achievers Podium) is part of Mavis Technologies  Group (Winner of Quality Commitment International Star Award in the GOLD Category at B.I.D World Quality Commitment Convention on 29 Oct 2012, Paris (France)). The firm is into integrated electronic surveillance services and IT system Integration specializing in integrated electronics surveillance, IT Infrastructure Designing, Procurement, Implementation, Software Development and IT Automation Solutions based Managed Services.

The company has a solid track record of success in numerous business verticals including Power Electronics, Finance, Manufacturing, Shipping & Logistics, Healthcare, Education, Pharma, Construction & Real Estate, and IT & ITES.

Experienced with more than 100+ customers across the globe, Mavis offers solutions and services in association with trusted business partners to a diverse range of clientele - be it a Large Enterprise, Corporate or Mid-market company or a Small and Medium sized business or a Public sector government enterprise.

Quality policy:  Mavis IT Services is an ISO 9001:2008, ISO 27001 certified company and follows a quality policy to achieve growth and leadership with customer satisfaction and delight at every level by offering top quality products, design, consulting, committed deliverables and time bound support services.

Current Market Landscape

The electronic security market in India has witnessed a handsome growth in the recent few years. Currently, the demand for electronics security and surveillance products is on the rising trend in all the verticals, given the increasing awareness among customers about security. A look at the research indicators reveals that electronics Surveillance market is expected to reach Rs 5,717.64 crores (US$ 952.94 million) by 2016, with a CAGR of 32.49 percent. It is expected to top $ 2.4 billion by 2020. The electronics security market sector broadly be divided into four main categories: Access Control, Detector & Scanners, CCTV and Alarm and largest among them is CCTV segment accounting to more than 50 percent of the market share. The Indian market for network (IP) cameras is growing swiftly, as the enterprises, small and medium businesses and end customers are looking at surveillance technologies as a prime necessity along with the increase in the residential segment consumption of the surveillance products and services.

With rise in terrorist activities, growing crime rates, data thefts, remote monitoring, growth of public infrastructure, increasing IT spending, government initiatives and increasing security spending are some of the boosting factors for electronics security surveillance market in Indian.

Closely integrated security solutions instead of standalone solutions in IP CCTV segment will be the major trends in the coming years. Product cum Service will become more and more relevant and popular as compared to Product per se. Customers are looking for business value in surveillance security solutions.

Addressing the Challenges

Typical and cumbersome procedures, poor bandwidth and network connectivity, interdependent ability, bidding on price rather than quality, no standard agency to certify the products and poor infrastructure particularly in rural India and natural disasters and terrorism are the main challenges that are being faced in India especially in the government funded surveillance projects.

 There are geographical challenges also which include extreme weather conditions, long distances (geographical spread), and hostile terrain present unique transportation and storage requirements, which need a high degree of customization both in planning and in execution of product distribution to rural India.

Mavis as a system integrator and service provider company architect the surveillance solutions that are designed to meet the specific needs which are unique to each individual organization; with national deployment and support capability. The firm’s process involves work through the use of efficient designing, unique client engagement model, competitive and cost effective procurement, project execution and management. Thus, the process enables it to overcome few of the challenges but a clear and global path still needs to be overcome in near future.


At Mavis, the potential of each member comes together to serves better, thus ensuring safety and security of customer’s business interest by equipped with the best resources, expert technicians and consultants.

Some of Key factors that differentiating Mavis from competitors are as follows:

1. Skill, Talent and Availability

a. 10+ years of proven business focused on new and future technologies

b. Talent is vast due to extensive IT exposure in India

c.Availability of required talent is there within Mavis and outside

2. Scalability and Execution

a. From 0 to 100 percent in Few Days, HR, Office, Required Talent in Place Ready to Work

b.Can Scale the Team and Resources in Short Time

c. Meeting timely and quality deliveries with positive impact on the customer business

3. Predictable and Lower Costs

a.We Have Mastered the Logistics Involved

b. We Create Solutions as a Services Which is Predictable in Cost

c. Lower Costs Due to tie ups with OEMS and direct distributors for better cost for the end product


Experienced with more than 100+ customers across the globe, some of Mavis’ customers are Foreign Embassies in New Delhi, Luminous Power Technologies Pvt Ltd, Hyundai Power Products Pvt Ltd, Nokia (UK), Uttam Toyota, Forex Capital Services Pvt Ltd, Ardom Telecom Pvt Ltd, Reliance Freight Systems LLC(UAE), ICL Logistics Ltd(UK), Ranks Logistics LLC(UAE), Trans National LLC(USA), Mirage Cargo LLC(UAE), ITC Welcom Group, Mansingh Hotels Group, Shawman Group India, Lang Ming Power Technologies Ltd (Shenzhen, China), JLB Tours (Indo - French Venture), Charming Hotels of India Pvt Ltd(Indo- French), Monique Debose(Hollywood, USA), Masascomedia Pvt Ltd, Lectrix Motors Ltd, Labjog Beverages Ltd, Cyrus Marketing Pty Ltd(Australia), All Systems UP Inc. (USA).

Organizational Culture

Mavis has an open and a strong culture in the company unifies each and every member of the company and educates people and have a lifetime impact. The company culture and values at Mavis are lifelines that tremendously contribute to the company’s success beyond its corporate strategy and leadership. 

Some of the highlights of the company culture are:

1). Openness and transparency: Employees feel free to voice their opinions, ideas, concerns, or even criticisms in the organization. Information is freely shared and exchanged in an accurate, substantially complete, timely, balanced and unbiased manner in the company.

2). Integrity and trust: Moral values, such as honesty, integrity, and truthfulness, are emphasized and implemented in the organization. The value of “no cheating, no lies” is stressed. Employees, managers and employees are then able to trust each other.

3). Participation and empowerment: Employees are given opportunities to participate in the decision-making process and feel empowered to exert influence in the organization. Teamwork, dialogues and collaboration are emphasized.

4). Fairness: Employees are treated fairly without favoritism. They are also valued and appreciated. They are provided opportunities for professional growth, praised, or given a higher pay for better achievement and performance.

5). Supportiveness: Employees are treated as individuals, cared, and supported by the organization. Employees feel free to express affection, tenderness, caring, and compassion for one another­.

6). Innovation: Employees are encouraged to be open-minded, take risks, embrace changes, think outside of the box and take innovative initiatives. Creativity and entrepreneurship are valued.

7). Sharing and learning: Employees openly share their knowledge, experience and information within the corporate community. Sharing and continuous learning from one another is rewarded and encouraged.

8). Diversity: The organization embraces individuals for their uniqueness and diverse backgrounds regardless of their gender, race, religion, sexual orientation, etc. Differences and various perspectives are respected and valued.

9). Social responsibility: The organization recognizes its association with the environment and the society at large, establishes an ultimate goal towards supporting a cause, and commits to solving social problems.

10). Fun, joy, and happiness: Fun, joy, and positive emotions are instilled in the workplace. Employees work in an easy, uplifting atmosphere and happy mood. Achievements are celebrated, appreciated and rewarded.

Harboring Innovation

Mavis encourages its employees to be open-minded, take risks, embrace changes, think outside of the box and take innovative initiatives. Creativity and entrepreneurship are valued and hence any new idea or trend is adapted with lot of enthusiasm and encouragement.

Also from time to time through regular trainings & market exploration, the company ensures that its employees gain advanced technical skills & knowhow and by rewarding initiatives that bring about innovation into day-to-day project deliveries it encourages innovation through employees. Besides, the firm is also focused on innovating & improving its delivery process every 3-6 months in order to bring forward what best it can bring to table for its customers.

Roadmap Ahead

India is one of the major IT outsource business earner in the global Mavis has developed a capability based delivery model which adapts it-self to the global market depending upon the demands of the various local markets like UK, USA, Middle east etc. Utilizing the latest technology like video conferencing, IP telephony and cloud based solution delivery, the firm is delivering to various locations across the globe and its business relationship with some of the global brands helps it to adapt to the global needs.

Quick Facts

(1) Year of founding:2011

(2) Funding information: Shareholding of promoter directors

(3) Founding members: Mr. Satish Kumar, Dr. Tilak Raj Sandal, Mr. Jagdish Bhatt

(4) Office locations: New Delhi, Jammu and Kashmir, Jaipur

(5) Company strength: 25