ZineOne: Innovating to Surpass Customer Expectations

Debjani Deb, CEO

Companies have long prioritized improving customer interaction touchpoints as a critical tenet to enhance their brand value. But the narrow focus on maximizing customer satisfaction at siloed touchpoints only presents a distorted picture of the customer’s experience with a company. More so, it also diverts attention from the bigger and more important picture: the customer’s end-to-end journey.

So how does a company up their game in meeting— and often exceeding—customer expectations? Enter ZineOne, a California-based company that is transforming the way enterprises interact with their visitors through various digital channels.

The company offers a next-generation AI-powered, real-time customer engagement platform, ZineOne Intelligent Customer Engagement (ICE), which provides businesses ‘in-the-moment’ view of each visitor. Giving a deeper understanding of how their platform works, Debjani Deb, CEO of ZineOne, notes, “It all starts with data.” ZineOne ICE sets the stage for better customer engagement by creating a unified customer data profile. The platform collects the data from an enterprise’s system of records and digital customer touchpoints, such as website, mobile app, and so on. Using this, it organizes all the disparate and complex consumer information along with a wealth of other environmental variables like geolocation, weather, and events, creating a 360-degree view of a customer.

The company offers a next-generation AI-powered real-time customer engagement platform, ZineOne Intelligent Customer Engagement (ICE), which provides businesses an ‘in-the-moment’ view of each visitor

After amassing a holistic source of customer truth, ZineOne ICE goes through the process of offering “continuous intelligence.” The platform incessantly analyzes each customer’s data profile and makes predictions using AI and ML. A factor that makes ZineOne ICE a cut above the rest is that it analyzes streaming customer data (data in transit), and makes decisions based on the resulting insights within milliseconds. Deb explains: “Consider a customer is surfing through an e-commerce website to purchase a handbag. Our ICE platform—running in the background—goes through the customer’s search and purchase history, and various other essential details to intuitively figure out the customer’s propensity to buy that product, whether he/she is sensitive to the shipping cost, and so on.” Based on these predictions, ZineOne ICE enables the e-commerce retailer to provide a relevant incentive to the customer before he/she ends the session. “In fact, within five clicks of a session, ZineOne ICE can predict if the user will checkout or not regardless of whether they are an existing customer,” mentions Deb, validating the eminence of the platform.

Such an ingenious platform displays the kind of expertise and experience the company possesses. Utilizing a collective experience of more than 100 years, Deb and her data scientists and experienced management team have completed several multi-million projects to this day.
With such leadership skills, ZineOne is closely competing with industry incumbents like Adobe, Salesforce, and many others.

Today, a multitude of industries, namely hospitality, restaurants, financial services, and retail, benefit from ZineOne’s ICE. In the retail space, one of the biggest challenges that ZineOne is solving is helping the omnichannel retailer offer improved in-store experience. “To achieve this, we connect a retail company’s online customer activities with their in-store journey, enabling the retailer to interact in-context with a potential buyer,” states Deb. To further substantiate her statement, Deb cites a successful use case scenario. The client is one of the top five retail brands in the U.S. and has an omnichannel presence—an e-commerce website, mobile app, and kiosks within stores. ZineOne, with its ICE platform, helped the retailer to better engage with their customers inside the store, by gaining vivid insights on the customers’ past browsing history and online activities. So, if a potential buyer uses the retail brand’s e-commerce website to purchase a product, or adds it to the wishlist to purchase later, ZineOne sends personalized notifications and messages to that particular customer when he/she enters the brand’s physical store. The platform also reminds the customers about the reward points they have and if there is any offer for their wish-listed products.

In the pursuit to deliver success, Deb believes that ZineOne’s appetite for innovation has been the most significant driver behind its growth. To this end, ZineOne is considerably investing in enhancing its deep learning and machine learning models to reach its moon shot goal of establishing itself as a global leader in the quadrant of AI-driven real-time personalization. “We are highly determined to keep up that trajectory of intelligence better than most other companies in the industry,” affirms Deb. With this zealous attitude, the company is all set to induce a new wave of customer interaction in the business arena.