ZineOne: Helping Brands Engage Consumers Meaningfully

Arnab Mukherjee, Co-Founder and CTO

Understanding the right time and the right content are the two parameters that define the success of any customer engagement initiative. However, most of the standard technologies help businesses understand only the best content for a client or various ways to deliver them. That’s why, the complex question—what is the right moment of an engagement?—is often left unanswered. This is a hard problem to tackle, as the “moment” varies greatly even for a single customer.

This is where ZineOne comes into the picture. The company helps B2C companies understand and respond in-the-moment with relevant 1:1 customer engagements. The ZineOne Intelligent Customer Engagement (ICE) platform helps businesses in industries such as retail, e-commerce, quick service restaurants, banking, travel, and hospitality to not only select the right content but to target with absolute precision at the moment when the need is the strongest. “Our patent pending platform is highly accurate and uses continuous learning models, predictive insights to offer the ability to instantly respond to visitor activity. This helps companies engage consumers in a meaningful way,” says Arnab Mukherjee, Co-Founder and CTO, ZineOne.

By leveraging Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) technologies, the ICE platform can contemplate what a consumer wants at any given time and in any given location. “At Zineone, we call it the ZineOne Customer DNATM and it’s essentially ‘consumer genome’ mapping,” mentions Mukherjee. “We look at clickstream, 3rd party data, and first party data, and map millions of anonymous visitor data combined with events, geo-location, and weather data to understand the set of sequences or behaviors displayed which leads to a better outcome.”

Our patent-pending platform is highly accurate, uses continuous learning models, and predictive insights to offer the ability to instantly respond to visitor activity. Such capability is considered a game changer for many industries

ZineOne is also training its ML models within this construct of consumer genome mapping to understand the behavioral traits that leads to specific outcomes which in turn, makes better engagement predictions in real-time. The ICE platform processed more than 1 Trillion data profiles, over 8 Billion interactions, and analyzed more than 300 GB of data every hour in 2019, which is a two-fold jump from the previous year.

Apart from its technology, what differentiates ZineOne is its customer-centric approach. The company has an informal Customer Advisory Board that meets clients on a regular basis to receive feedback on its platform and services. Further, the company assigns a dedicated customer success manager to each customer who acts as a single point of contact for help, assistance and aggregates feedback on the platform. No wonder that ZineOne continues to enjoy a 97 percent of customer retention rate, which is unusual given that they focus on the most demanding companies (that are part of the Global 2000 companies). For instance, the company helped one of the top 10 U.S. department stores achieve a 16 percent conversion rate lift and a 14.4 percent revenue per visitor lift compared to a control group.

In their quest to assist clients in retaining consumers, ZineOne recently unveiled a new capability called Speed to Sense™. Built to create new prediction models that can learn from very short time-windows of customer activity, it is a combination of industry work (ZineOne patents) and recent academic research on sequence graph analysis.
“We have applied these short-term behavior models on very large datasets in retail—using over two billion anonymized consumer sessions gathered from five of the largest e-commerce sites in the U.S. over the last two years,” states Mukherjee.

While Speed To Sense’s ™ initial application is for e-commerce, it’s not hard to imagine its positive impact on healthcare, medicine, and other industries where instantly understanding human behavior and confidently predicting the appropriate outcome is highly desirable(if not life-saving). Prior to ZineOne’s introduction of Speed to Sense™, online retailers would spend hundreds of millions of dollars only to achieve an average conversion rate of three percent. Also, during the COVID-19, consumer behavior has changed significantly, making most of the widely used ML models obsolete. But, ZineOne’s innovations take not only historical and third-party data into account but analyze short-term behavior. So, during the Pandemic, its models remain highly relevant and maintained an accuracy of up to92 percent by the fifth click or tap.

Not stopping there, ZineOne has released new product features—Business Experience Templates—to help both enterprise business users and technical solution developers. These new features allow business users to access pre-built customer experience templates, such as Product Urgency and Real-Time-Offer opportunities, within the UI to quickly launch and manage hyper-personalized customer experiences. This enables brands to engage and react to online visitors in real-time to encourage sales.

Also, within the ZineOne ICE platform UI, technical solution developers can now build experience or action templates with additional features such as segments and triggers. Along with this, they can seamlessly integrate customized experiences, based on the pre-existing Product Urgency and Real-Time-Offer templates, into specific e-commerce opportunities for online shoppers. “We expect to continue to build new experience templates which make it easier for our users to create an unlimited number of experiences for their visitors and customers across industries,” concludes Mukherjee.