Zero Waste Solutions: Painting the Future Green

Shavila Singh, Founder & President

The waste management industry is among the oldest and, in many ways, the most important. It keeps the planet clean by disposing of waste, a tall order no company can handle alone. Each one has to work together, from manufacturers and farmers packing their products and people storing and transporting them to those selling them to retailers and customers.

The global waste management industry is witnessing a rise in demand for more effective and efficient waste treatment methods. Major companies are looking to reduce the cost of their waste disposal programs while ensuring the delivery of safe, sustainable, and responsible services. Helping these companies in their mission is Zero Waste Solutions, Inc. (ZWS), which designs innovative solutions to keep organizations green through its comprehensive and cost-effective waste management services.

ZWS offers fully integrated waste management services, including auditing, consultation, collection, disposal, and reporting.
Organizations don’t have to worry about the complexities and compliances of waste management as it takes care of their corporate environmental responsibility, allowing them to focus on their core business.

“Our first step in waste management is to audit our customers, which includes assessing what they are doing and producing in terms of waste,” says Shavila Singh, Founder and President of ZWS. The auditing can take weeks, depending on our customer’s facilities, complexities, and footprint. The next step is designing a program which underlines the client’s generated waste. For instance, an organization with offices in buildings is more likely to produce waste paper. Similarly, facilities with multiple cafeterias generate more food waste.

We believe in triple bottom which incorporates an organizations’ social, environment, and traditional profit

Upon finding the most significant source of waste, ZWS conducts workshops to educate clients on what they can do to minimize it. This approach makes them aware of the biodegradable materials that can reduce their waste footprint by large margins. While it conducts in-depth education and awareness sessions, its continuous audits identifies materials the client can recycle.
Due to its long industry experience, ZWS can create a full-proof recycling plan. It has an operational team with experts in exterminating waste. The team is also experienced in recycling waste generated from a client’s daily operations. At the end of this process, the team develops a comprehensive report for its customers of what went to the landfills and what part was recycled.

ZWS has worked in various industries, including the government sector. Five years ago, a federal agency approached it to audit a complex with 10,000 personnel and over six restaurants. The daily volume of food waste was undeniably immense. To help them, ZWS implemented a food composting program that reduced their waste disposal by 30 percent.

Singh is immensely proud that ZWS remains accessible to its clients whenever needed. Even if they have started using a new material, they trust it to find a solution. Another distinct practice of ZWS is maintaining cost competitiveness.

Forging these strong relationships has earned ZWS many loyal customers in the government sector, including cities, counties, and municipalities. In the coming years, the woman-led company will continue to grow while staying true to its mission.