Zemplee: Reinventing Elderly Care in The Comfort of Your Home

Aparna Pujar , Founder and CEO

Growing older for many seniors should not mean trading in the comforts of your own home for an institutional living. As the senior population continues to grow, they are faced with making tough decisions on whether to modify their existing homes or opt for living arrangements that can offer additional support.

Aging in place or independent living continues to be the preferred choice for seniors. But as their needs change, planning and access to the right support can be challenging. Independent living whether at home or at a senior living residence provides a sense of belonging and familiarity for many seniors when done with the right support system.

While their homes may not be prepared for this stage of their lives, creating an environment safer for longer term living becomes a priority for family and caregivers. Innovative digital solutions have created a powerful ecosystem of care for the elderly, but they are not without their privacy challenges. Indoor video surveillance, for instance, provides a window into a senior’s private life but comes at the cost of jeopardizing their independent living. Seniors have little choice in being monitored, which increases their reluctance to use the device.

Aparna Pujar, Founder and CEO of Zemplee, realized these issues while looking after her parents in India.
A remote caregiver, she tried out various tools and technologies but couldn’t find one that ensured her parents’ well-being without sacrificing their privacy. It was this inherent need that led her to establish Zemplee.

"We aim to provide the elderly a safe environment to live independently in their silver years without any limitation of privacy while families and caregivers can visit and render help and support at the right time," says Pujar.

Zemplee achieves this using attentive AI and passive sensors that remotely track the movement patterns of their loved ones while living at home or senior residence. These discreet sensors—placed under the beds or in private spaces like bathrooms and bedrooms—passively track their motion. This enables clients to ensure their safety unobtrusively and seamlessly.

By monitoring the elderly more passively, they can go about their dayto- day activities peacefully without carrying an annoying gadget. All sensors are secured by attentive AI-powered software—a virtual caregiver—monitors their mobility and wellness while tracking salient physical and routine patterns, including sleeping time, active or sedentary habits, and other cognitive behavior. All notifications and alerts are sent to family members/caregivers via a mobile app, giving them access to realtime health information.

For instance, if a senior sitting in a chair for a prolonged period cannot get back up, they can wait for someone’s help. Alternatively, Zemplee's sensor on the couch can proactively track their movement (or lack thereof) using AI and automatically alert someone for help, whether it is the caregiver or family.
Zemplee also detects patterns preemptively and suggests actions. Many a time, elders will say, 'I'm doing fine.' The sensors' nuanced way of monitoring behavior collects health data more subtly without making seniors self-conscious. A case in point is when a son leveraged Zemplee's sensor-based remote monitoring system to monitor and care for his elderly father. His father was diagnosed with COVID-19 but didn’t want to bother his family and decided to deal with it alone.

We aim to provide the elderly a safe environment to live independently in their silver years without any limitation of privacy while families and caregivers can visit and render help and support at the right time.

Zemplee's attentive AI and passive sensors could convey to him that his father was not as active as he used to be. To avoid making him feel uncomfortable, his son called to have a casual conversation about his day's activity. During the conversation, the father informed him of his issue. With Zemplee’s help, the son could know his father’s health smartly while respecting his comfort and took necessary actions.

At the heart of these successes is Zemplee's commitment to changing how the world cares for the elderly. Always a 'phone away,' Zemplee is creating a caring environment that upholds dignity, privacy, and safety and ensures families and caregivers their loved one's health and well-being are taken care of, a win-win situation for all.