Yieldstreet: Enabling Holistic And Seamless Private Market Investing

Milind Mehere, Founder & CEO

The alternative investment (alts) landscape in the U.S., unlike public equity markets, is far less susceptible to the winds of recession or inflation risks. However, a significant disparity prevails in the country’s investment landscape as only a small share of retail investors find exposure to alts.

Democratizing access to alts through education, transparency, and user-friendly technology-enabled investment, Yieldstreet is bridging this disparity.

It’s about time for retail investors to avoid relying on the traditional 60-40 portfolio of stocks and bonds, whose values today are alarmingly sensitive to global incidents. The ideal invest/asset mix should follow the 50-30-20 distribution for stocks, bonds, and alts, respectively. Diversification across sectors in equities isn’t enough – allocating to several different asset classes is the only way to achieve true diversification. Also, given that alts mostly pertain to assets that focus on long-term growth, investors need not worry about short-term volatility or be on edge about how the latest geopolitical and economic headlines might affect their assets.
Yieldstreet’s platform houses extensive content catering to first-time and experienced investors alike. It also features technical deep dives, including videos for investors who may be more familiar with alternatives.

Unlike big-name private equity and venture capital funds that only display investment aggregates, we list all our investments on an investment-by-investment basis

Offering a curated and dynamic alts marketplace with assets vetted by expert investment professionals, Yieldstreet’s platform makes sought-after private funds and fund managers available to users in a few clicks. Its funds are designed to fit within three broad investment strategies: income-oriented, growth-oriented, and balanced portfolio. The platform offers extensive information on each investment, including total transparency into performance and allocation.

“Unlike big-name private equity and venture capital funds that only display investment aggregates, we list all our investments on an investment-by-investment basis,” says Milind Mehere, Founder and CEO of Yieldstreet.
Yieldstreet has become a convenient route to alts for many retail investors in the U.S. It is playing a vital role at a time when the entire nation is going through one of the biggest wealth transfers in history, where assets worth over 60 trillion dollars are being transferred from baby boomers to generation X, Y, and Z, who demand technology seamlessness in all walks of life. In the wake of the country’s sprawling venture ecosystem and the global crypto boom, Yieldstreet paves the way for retail investors to access more opportunities than ever before possible.

Since its inception, Yieldstreet has returned more than 1.9 billion dollars to investors as principal amounts and interests. By 2025, it aims to enable millions of people to generate upwards of three billion dollars in income from investing in private markets.

As the leading alternative investments platform for everyday investors, Yieldstreet has made it possible - for the first time - for the public to access the same compelling investment opportunities that used to only be available for institutions and ultra-wealthy individuals. Investments in private markets have been firmly established by these legacy players as an important part of a diversified portfolio, and now those same benefits can be realized by retail investors.