Xtensegrity: Pre Configured Solutions for an Agile Experience

"The industry landscape at this point in time is really about a myriad of networks," points out Madhu Madhavan, CEO of Xtensegrity. Newly acquired businesses have their own genesis which makes it an imperative for the parent companies to implement solutions that infuse a cohesive element to operate as a unified entity. "When we embarked on this SaaS journey, one of the primary factors that spurred our foray was the need for solutions adhering to software principles in the industry, allowing us to formulate this glue." Hamilton, NJ-based Xtensegrity possesses deep industry experience in delivering pre-configured solutions for project centric businesses media, consulting services, advertising agencies, and public relations- operating in a hyper-acquisitive and rapid growth environment fraught with no room for learning curves.

With extensive experience in proffering business integration technologies to enhance operational efficiencies and productivity, Xtensegrity also specializes in providing ERP implementation and
support for technologies such as
SAP,PeopleSoft,and NetSuite. "The compelling need for a holistic solution that could mitigate multifarious integration specific failure points inspired us to enter the SaaS ERP arena," emphasizes Madhavan.

With global enterprises looking at mitigating risks and complying with various standards to de risk themselves, Madhavan believes, "Compliance is still a fear factor in the sense that companies know what to do or where to start, they just know they need to comply with multiple regulations." Xtensegrity has branched out to provide a comprehensive compliance project management solution-EUPHOR for REACH, a European Union regulation. Xtensegrity's compliance based initiative allows a company to deploy EUPHOR as an on premise or SaaS without any external consulting.

Xtensegrity has also teamed up with IBM to provide implementation support and reselling of their IBM Optim portfolio. The firm offers a large pool of IBM Optim certified resources through Infoseek a compliance centric web based platform meant to provide secure and user friendly access to archived files generated by IBM InfoSphere Optim. Infoseek primarily helps retire all legacy applications for Fortune 1000 companies without the risk of losing data when it is needed for compliance and statutory regulations."We created Infoseek to extract both pre defined information as well as for future self-service based reporting from archived data," informs Madhavan.
"Even after shutting off 20 applications one can still access the data from them to help with compliance, audit, dispute management and litigation and this becomes a de risk factor for organizations.

"Additionally, Xtensegrity's Premier Adage, an ERP Agnostic solution is an exhaustive offering meant to facilitate efficient organization and management of client and project information for advertising, marketing, and public relations agencies. In one instance, Xtensegrity helped a media giant with about a hundred subsidiaries across the globe, with their financial management building systems. The firm's methodology helped their highly acquisitive customer with deploying total financial management billing systems with localized content to ensure regulatory compliance was met across the local geographies they operated in. Additionally, these systems were deployed at a fraction of the usual costs incurred, with absolutely zero overheads.

Going ahead the company wants to create big data offerings in terms of insights for multiple industries chemical, pharma, biotech, healthcare, and media and advertising through their Infoseek offerings. Also, Xtensegrity satiates enterprises' appetite for agility with agile modes of project methodology for quicker buyins, making the projects a success without relying on a "black-box" environment. "We are an incubation center for value adding solutions which our clients would want to consider and implement," concludes Madhavan.