Wirecog: Innovative Technology Simplifies Cross-Platform Development

Kamesh Balasubramanian, Founder and CEO

Kamesh Balasubramanian, Founder and CEO of Wirecog, believes his company has a compelling way to produce scalable, maintainable, and high-performance software applications that will counteract the inefficiencies of cross-platform software development. “We created the Isomorphic Go open source project to provide the means to create isomorphic applications using the Go programming language,” he says. Isomorphic Go is the methodology to create isomorphic applications using the Go programming language. Isomorphic applications are applications which function across environments, working seamlessly, in unison, across the server-side and the client-side. “Isomorphic apps can run up in the cloud, and at the same time, they can run in your web browser or mobile device,” Balasubramanian explains.

Go, also known as Golang, is the powerful programming language invented by Google. “Go has had tremendous success as a server-side technology, and in many ways it can be considered the defacto language of the cloud,” remarks Balasubramanian. Over the last nine years, Go has seen a high adoption rate and has been highly acclaimed in the industry for its high-performance, efficient resource usage, and its built-in concurrency constructs.

Having experienced Go’s impact on the server-side, my natural motivation was to harness Go’s power on the client-side

Powerful dev/ops tools like Docker, Kubernetes, and Terraform were all created using Go, and most of the leading cloud providers have a Platform as a Service (PaaS) offering that includes Go. “Having experienced Go’s impact on the server-side, my natural motivation was to harness Go’s power on the client-side as well,” reveals Balasubramanian, “That motivation led me to create the open-source Isomorphic Go project.”

Besides creating the Isomorphic Go project, Balasubramanian is also the author of the Isomorphic Go book. “The book first explains what an isomorphic application is, and then it shows you how to build and deploy one,” remarks Balasubramanian, “The Isomorphic Go book has appeared on Amazon’s top 100 best-seller list, in the client-server category, and ironically, in the JavaScript category as well.”

Backed by over two decades of experience in the software industry, Balasubramanian knows what it takes to catapult a developer’s productivity. “Typically in a full-stack application, developers find themselves maintaining two codebases. For example, consider that we have a full-stack application that consists of ASP.NET code on the server-side, and JavaScript code on the client-side,” elaborates Balasubramanian, “Instead of the inefficient practice of maintaining two codebases and re-implementing business logic in both programming languages, our technology provides one, unified Go codebase.
This provides the capability to reuse the same code across the server-side and the client-side.”

Wirecog aims to pioneer the use of Go across environments, including the realm of mobile devices. The company is currently building the first Isomorphic Go mobile application for the iOS and Android platforms, which will showcase its innovative technology. “With Isomorphic Go, we can implement 90 to 95 percent of a mobile app with cross-platform Go code. The remaining portion would be implemented with platform-specific native code,” states Balasubramanian, “This greatly reduces the cost and complexity involved when developing cross-platform mobile apps.”

Wirecog has presented its ground-breaking technology at MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), GopherCon India, and most recently, at Google’s Venice Beach campus. The latest presentation focused on how Wirecog successfully implemented an Isomorphic Go enterprise application in the healthcare sector. The application will primarily be used by a multi-billion dollar company listed on the S&P 500. The rollout of the first-ever Isomorphic Go enterprise application, has elicited the interest of several high-profile tech companies. “In addition to Google, we’ve recently signed on to provide our Go consulting services to another tech giant based in Silicon Valley. Wirecog is going to have an exciting and highly productive year ahead,” concludes Balasubramanian.