WinWire: Capitalizing with Disruptive Innovation

The enterprise is a caricature of tumultuous changes happening on a daily cycle. These changes are disruptive innovations that are changing the landscape of the market. Technologies like cloud, mobility, and business analytics have revolutionized the way enterprises run their businesses. WinWire Technologies, a provider of IT solutions in the domains of mobility, cloud, collaboration and analytics, has caught hold of the industry current and is capitalizing on it. “WinWire provides IT Services for building future enterprises through the use of mobility, cloud, collaboration and analytics technology. We strongly believe that our focus on intellectual-property led pre-built solution accelerators allows our clients to achieve superior results in a record-time,” says Ashu Goel, CEO, WinWire.

The company has a host of services in its portfolio starting from cloud solutions, enterprise mobility, collaborative solutions, BI, customer application development, disaster recovery, and strategic services. The company’s solutions include IPled pre-packaged accelerators that are efficiently customizable and extensible. These solutions leverage the unification of Office 365 and Azure, and can integrate SharePoint with an existing line-of-business system. WinWire is also a Microsoft Managed Partner. “As a Microsoft Managed Partner, our global business has been built over the years by helping enterprise customers realize their business goals by leveraging platforms such as SharePoint, SQL Server, Office365; as well as custombuilt solutions on Azure and .NET programming framework,” says Goel.

Ashu Goel, CEO

Being a Microsoft Managed Partner allows them to have the right combination of expertise and extensive Microsoft experience in the delivery of all their services and solutions right from cloud to BI.

The company is witnessing good traction in the mobility and cloud section of their business. “We help business and technology leaders achieve an ‘on-the-move’ business environment by leveraging pre-built collaborative and analytic solution accelerators and cross-platform mobile technologies,” says Goel. He further explains that, WinWire is at the forefront of the mobility revolution, focused on mobile-enabling enterprise applications leveraging native HTML5, Mobile Enterprise Application Platform and cloud as a back-end (MBaaS) technologies. This enables them to empower their clients to make a smooth transition towards a mobile enterprise. Goel explains that with an estimated 78 percent of population in the U.S. who are mobile internet users, it is no surprise that enterprises have accelerated their mobility initiatives to serve this rapidly growing market.
Smart phones and tablets are rapidly proliferating in the enterprise with applications that improve productivity and intelligence on-the-go.

WinWire is focused on mobile-enabling enterprise applications leveraging native HTML5, Mobile Enterprise Application Platform and cloud as a back-end technologies

The company has been working with multiple Fortune 500 clients from various industry verticals to design, develop and implement efficient solutions that address the unique needs of their business and industry. Some of the key industry sectors that WinWire targets are healthcare, high-technology, manufacturing & construction, retail & hospitality, financial institutions and professional services.

This Solutions and Services company headquartered in Santa Clara fosters an environment of creativity, fun, openness, and mutual respect. This allows its employees to excel with their own unique abilities in an environment that nurtures professional growth. Following its growth curve, the thriving IT solutions provider intends to expand its services portfolio in the domains of mobility, cloud and collaboration