VoIP Office: Future-Proofing Telecommunication within Organizations

Sunny Reddy, Founder & CEO

When PBX (private branch exchange) was the only convenient technology used within enterprises for communication, Sunny—founder of VoIP Office—identified the need for a much more advanced communication platform. The reasons were grave. If an organization encountered a network downtime in those earlier days, the telecommunication service providers were required to physically visit the customer location to rectify the problem. Moreover, PBX was not equipped to provide monitoring features for the supervisors to observe the way their agents were communicating with the end-users. This gave rise to an urgent need for an advanced communication platform that could not only eliminate the shortcomings of traditional PBX technology but also retain its features to cater to the current requirements of the speedily evolving digital world. To satisfy this need, Michigan-based company VoIP Office provides a communication platform, also called ‘VoIP Office’ that facilitates seamless interactions among employees within organizations from anywhere across the planet. Sunny’s deep fascination for automation, combined with his years of experience as an IT director in various telecom organizations, played the most crucial role in birthing the platform.

VoIP Office has been proved to be a much reliable and effective solution, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, where businesses were operating remotely to contain the virus’s spread and employees had to transition to working from home. To this end, the founder mentions, “As our platform allows remote fixing of errors, businesses do not have to rely on the physical arrival of trouble-shooters to solve any communication glitches.” Moreover, the platform’s ability to function efficiently even in low bandwidth areas enables the company to be a widely and readily chosen partner.

Enabling crucial features such as, Teams integration, wakeup calls, the company’s solution allows managers and supervisors to observe the communication behavior between their agents and the end-users.

As a one-stop-shop, our tool allows audio and video calling, faxing, paging, internal chatting, and creating groups inside organizations, with utmost security

To eliminate any hindrance caused during these interactions, the platform offers discrete features that enables the supervisors to join any conversation midway and guide the agents to communicate better. Also, with the help of its Communicator tool, VoIP has eliminated the difficulties in measuring employee performances. “As a one-stop-shop, our tool allows audio and video calling, sending SMS, faxing, paging, internal chatting, and creating groups inside organizations, with utmost security,” affirms Sunny. With one click of a button, the entire office can be brought together for conferences. Also, its VoIP Office offering is available as a desktop and mobile application, allowing all the employees to have complete control over their calls, adding to the value proposition most importantly during the pandemic. The call flips features provided by the company allows employees to switch the communication from a desktop or IP phone to mobile phones without disconnecting.

Aspiring to be the most trusted partner to its clients, VoIP offers exceptional customer services too. In a highly unique approach, rather than waiting for the client’s feedback, VoIP’s team proactively reaches out to them. Trained in the Sandler methodology, its skilled workforce can provide expert consultations and troubleshoot any queries related to VoIP.

It is also worth mentioning that Sunny, being a staunch supporter of the concept of ‘pattern interrupt,’ ensures that the company is inducing a change in its offerings whenever required. Instead of deploying contemporary solutions, VoIP Office is always on the lookout to break the regular patterns and create distinctive solutions with technology’s utilitarian applications. For instance, the company also has the prowess in building private cloud services for its telephony services.
This has emerged to be the most sought after offering especially during the pandemic, where employees have transitioned to working from home. VoIP is an A Grade ISP in India—legal VoIP services provider. Its collaboration with an Ahmedabad-based company substantiates its value proposition in providing state-of-the-art communication solutions. The client was looking for multiple solutions that could help monitor the conversation of its employees and the number of ongoing calls, identify the best performers, and improve the employee experience. Staying true to its core methodologies, VoIP Office automated the entire system and created a solution that could display any data pertaining to employee conversations on a single screen. Furthermore, using its one-stop-shop solution that facilitated calling in any region, be it Africa, Australia, or Europe, employees no longer had to switch over to different platforms and connect with different regions.

Moreover, Indian Red Cross Society (IRCS) Andhra Pradesh, India has collaborated with the company to establish free hotlines for the peolpe of Andhra Pradesh & Telangana States as a community service during the pandemic. Using this service, quarantined individuals can receive free consultations from doctors that are volunteering without charge money. What is more, Sunny has also actively coordinating among all Telugu Associations in the US and donated an amount of Rs. 2.50 lakh to Indian Red Cross towards Covid relief activities. “We are proud to say that our company, in addition to our efforts with Andhra Pradesh Red cross, has also helped other states in India such as Haryana, Maharashtra, Karnataka and so on,” adds Sunny.

With such successful collaborations in abundance, VoIP is looking forward to expanding geographically. Currently offering a majority of its services in Canada and the UK, and some parts of Europe as well, the company also has a significant presence across the various states of India. It is now extending these services towards Africa as well. Also, the company will continue to enhance its offerings to cater to the unique requirements of its customers as well as ceaselessly grow in size and geographical footprint.