Vitel Global: A Go-to-Solution for Cloud-based PBX System

Praveen Andapalli, CEO

Several companies went remote during the pandemic, realizing just how dependent they were on their on-premise phone systems. Coincidentally, most organizations now embrace a remote or hybrid work culture, breaking away from old-fashioned on-premise systems like PBXs and PSTNs that lack the features to address the needs of a modern enterprise. Without adequate security, functionality, remote administration, and customer-facing capabilities, they are now weighing down businesses' critical operations, especially in the IT, recruiting, and healthcare verticals where efficient communication is imperative. This is alarming in a remote-first work environment where organizations need to have the ability to see remote employees' online presence, access and monitor call reports and metrics, and control workflows.

As a leading provider of value-added communication solutions for businesses of all sizes, VoIP Office offers state-of-the-art alternatives to conventional on-premise telephony systems. Founded in 2004, the company was one of the earliest adopters of VoIP technology and today specializes in the latest communications technologies. VoIP Office offers a sophisticated core virtualization Cloud Telephony Platform to spin up its unified communication containers anywhere in its private clusters. This ensures the high availability, quality, and reliability of their communication services, allowing businesses to stay competitive and relevant while helping them grow with the ever-changing needs of the digital workplace.

“Our novel platform—VoIP Office—facilitates seamless and encrypted customer and inter-employee communication within an organization from anywhere across the planet,” says Sunny Reddy, the Founder and CEO of VoIP Office. “As a next-generation cloud communications provider, we offer all the features of traditional PBX systems along with the latest functionality enabled by the use of VoIP technology.” The company’s solution also features Geo-Redundancy, ensuring that clients have low, if not zero downtime, even during natural disasters. As a licensed ISP in India, VoIP Office delivers communication services across the country, and employs over 300 employees working in several locations here in USA and in India. Also, We just got ISO/IEC 27001 Certified and it’s a big achievement for our company.

A Future-Proof Unified Communication Platform

The vision for VoIP Office was conceived by Reddy’s ardent passion for revolutionizing the enterprise communication landscape and empowering businesses to enhance their operations and outcomes. His deep fascination for automation and extensive experience in the telecom space helped the firm gain a completive edge in the industry. In no time, the company gained a strong reputation for its prowess in addressing the unique communication needs of businesses—ranging from home offices to large enterprises—with its robust VoIP Office Cloud Telephony Platform. It helps organizations stay connected with customers, partners, and vendors, empowers them with better in-house processes, facilitates seamless communication between teams, and supports customer-facing interactions.

“As a next-generation cloud communications provider, we offer all the features of traditional PBX systems along with the latest functionality enabled by the use of VoIP technology”

Built with easy-to-use and simple architecture, VoIP Office caters to the needs of both employees and employers and serves as a reliable solution for businesses to align with the hybrid work environment.
Employees can conveniently use the solution to facilitate their day-to-day business communications anywhere. Whether it's internal communications or customer, partner, or vendor interactions, the VoIP Office's communicator desktop and mobile applications provide users with all the features of modern cloud technology with the convenience of traditional phone systems. As a one-stop communication solution, VoIP Office allows users to do more than just talk to each other. It offers many features, including real presence, chat, audio/video conferencing, SMS/MMS, directory, call stats, call parking, and a self-care online portal for individual users. Designed with the ability to integrate with several third-party systems and services, including CRMs, VoIP Office helps clients enhance their operational efficiency.

Reddy notes a unique feature of VoIP Office that allows users to see callers' information that pops up on-screen as soon as they connect to a call. Not only does this help agents personalize their interaction but also enables them to build a strong relationship with clients over time.

Our novel platform—VoIP Office—facilitates seamless and encrypted customer and inter-employee communication within an organization from anywhere across the planet

Furthermore, VoIP Office serves as a reliable tool that helps employers or management teams remotely monitor the communication behavior between their employees and consumers. By keeping track of employee login location, call duration, reports, and more, it helps businesses measure optimal usage and employee performances. The platform even enables supervisors to join any conversation midway and guide their agents to communicate better with customers, to eliminate any potential hindrances during the interactions. As a virtual alternative for physical meetings, VoIP Office enables the management to bring their teams together for conferences with just the click of a button. The solution also offers instant voice mail access, business fax, call logs stored in CRMs, and live call notes to track user activity/productivity for businesses.

Augmenting the Value Proposition for Clients

In addition to its range of capabilities, VoIP Office can seamlessly and efficiently function in low bandwidth areas, making it a communication solution of choice for a wide range of customers. For instance, VoIP Office recently collaborated with a leading healthcare facility to help them streamline their internal and external communications. The company deployed its platform at the client’s facility, making their interactions seamless and efficient while automating their workflows with its unrivaled HIPAA-compliant SMS and push notifications features. Not just that, a robust review tool was integrated into the client’s solution such that valuable feedback can be gathered from their patients. With the ability to display patient information on the screen before attending the call, the platform empowered them to foster a strong relationship with their patients and improve their care delivery. VoIP Office is also integrated with a programmable SMS feature, which can send quick messages to patients, reminding them of their scheduled visits and options to make changes.

In addition to its contributions to the business environment, VoIP Office remained at the forefront of saving lives during the pandemic by providing communications capabilities to the needy. The company set up virtual toll-free communication lines that provided live consultations among doctors while addressing the needs of affected patients and providing treatment.
It also deployed virtual toll-free communication lines to assist patients in reaching groups of pulmonologists to learn about first aid mechanisms to treat themselves and know the symptoms that require hospitalizations on time. Furthermore, VoIP Office extended its virtual toll-free services to the Indian population to locate and secure hospital beds and oxygen supplies when needed.

A Unique Approach to Customer Service

As one of the industry’s most trusted communication solution partners, VoIP Office strives to back it up with unrivaled customer services as well. A typical client engagement begins with the company gaining a holistic view of their existing systems, challenges, and needs. Based on this information and understanding the rationale behind why clients chose VoIP Office, the company works with them and tailor-fits the solution to align well with their unique communication requirements. "Touch calls" are another aspect that gives VoIP Office an edge over the competition. One of the most sought after feature with VoIP phone lines are WhatsApp Compatible and can be used to text and communicate extensively. In this unique approach, the company's team proactively reaches out to clients once every month to identify how its system works in their environment, rather than waiting for their feedback.

Trained in the Sandler methodology, VoIP Office’s skilled workforce can provide expert consultations and troubleshoot any issues related to VoIP. They excel in issue resolution with minimal to zero downtime, preventive maintenance schedules during off-peak times and weekends, advance notification of such events, and response time. Committed to customer satisfaction and success, the team VoIP Office ensures that no tickets are closed without the satisfaction of the respective customer. By adopting an upfront contract culture, the company strives to build a long-lasting partnership with customers. Unlike its competitors, the company offers an additional layer of assurance to customer service by allowing clients to directly reach the second line of support to resolve their issues.

Fostering a Family-Oriented Culture

Behind VoIP Office's prominent position is its team that pushes their boundaries to add value to clients' business operations. The company always goes beyond the customer's expectations, ensuring that they deliver exactly what the client needs. This manifests VoIP Office's dedication to delivering exceptional and independent education and training sessions to its team. Real-time job training and constant rewards and recognition build curiosity among the workforce to make a positive impact, nurture an appetite for technology, and improve receptiveness to new ideas. The company thrives on propagating positive intent, empowerment, and respect when interacting with customers and employees. VoIP Office adopts a family-oriented organizational culture, treats their employees and customers as part of the family, and provide help & assistance when needed.

More importantly, Reddy is a hard-line supporter of pattern interrupt and always looks for the latest advancements in the technological landscape to augment VoIP Office's offerings to align with clients' ever-changing requirements. Instead of deploying contemporary solutions, the company is always on the lookout to break the regular patterns and create distinctive solutions with technology's utilitarian applications. "Our goal is to stay on top of innovations and technologies, and help businesses and people when they really need it," concludes Reddy.