VitalSource Knowledge Associates: Assisting Customers towards a Secure Financial Future

In the present era, an individual's financial needs keep escalating and an investor is often uncertain about how to invest his money to earn an attractive return with an acceptable risk return and liquidity mode. Though our Indian stock market offers lucrative growth prospects, it also reflects high volatility, making it difficult for the investors to develop beneficial strategy.

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The best approach an entity or individual should make use of in such a scenario is to seek a professional that would help them stratify their investments in a manner suitable to the status and risk profile. VitalSource Knowledge Associates (VKA) Pvt Ltd, a financial management consultancy company with its vast experience in the investment area, stepped ahead to ensure that businesses and individual investors participate in India's growth story and optimize their returns on investment with minimal downside risk.

Addressing the Changing Landscape of Finance Management
Incepted in mid-2007, VKA holds about a decade's experience in rendering a range of specialized consultancy services that enable customers to adopt best practices in corporate governance, systems and processes, thus giving them a competitive edge and benefit over other competitors. VKA provides offshore services which include
KPO category services like developing policies and procedures, accounts and MIS process outsourcing, credit appraisals, internal control set up, due diligence reviews, process migration support and compliance review for businesses planned or already operating. The company's compliance services involve establishing or redesigning Internal Financial Controls -Section 134 of Companies Act, providing Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) services to companies to comply with Section 135 of Companies Act and GST implementation. The company also offers unique E-learning training where experienced professionals share industry specific skills with candidates, for enhancing employability within industry.
Over the years substantial changes in the Indian statutes like Companies Act and Tax laws have thrust new challenges on clients in the way they conduct their business operations. Many clients tend to be ill-equipped and also averse to making changes in their systems and processes to cope with the changing regulatory requirements. "At VKA, we believe in supporting customers so that with implementation support services they can be better geared for running their business in an
organized manner and with optimal resource utilization while being compliant with statutory matters like corporate governance, internal controls and GST," says CA George Kurian, Director-Management Consulting, VitalSource Knowledge Associates.

In knowledge management space, VKA will be shortly launching industry specific short term finance courses that are an innovative blend of Elearning, Classroom sessions by experienced professionals and live projects aimed to enhance skill sets of candidates to meet industry expectations.

Reshaping the Future with CSR Practices
VKA's CSR advisory assists clients with CSR project implementation and monitoring. As its own social responsibility role, VKA conceptualizes worthy projects [mainly senior care, industry specific skill development and women empowerment] that target deserving sections of the public and assists companies and NGOs with implementing these.

Considering the relatively lack lustre progress in CSR statute roll out till date, the Company aspires to position its services in CSR areas that will help businesses carry out their operations ethically and contribute to India's economic development. "VKA is willing to play a facilitator's role to promote any CSR project which is for a deserving social cause. We would take up opportunities to conceptualize projects, assist companies in capacity building for CSR, evaluate and recommend competent and reliable NGOs as implementing partners for companies in select CSR projects and assist in establishing monitoring mechanisms for CSR projects during implementation," shares George.