Vinformax Dimensions Technology: Up the Ante in Medical Learning

Education is a vital component of the social, political, and economic development of any nation. However, in developing countries, the quality of education is taking a hit, especially in the medical industry where the declining standard of doctors is becoming obvious. In India, along with most developing countries, the doctor to patient ratio is far lower than what’s prescribed by the World Health Organisation. The Medical Council of India has envisioned a target ratio of 1:1000, which India plans to accomplish by 2031. To reach the target, the country has to first fill the evident gaps in the education standards of medical institutions, which will then result in a greater number of qualified doctors. Spearheading a digital transformation in the medical education space,Vinformax overcomes deficiencies in the quality of medical education through S3D Medimagic, the world’s first stereoscopic medical education platform built with a 3D stereoscopic display that delivers stunning depth perception and multi-angle visualization making learning more intuitive. The cutting-edge stereoscopic 3D used by Vinformax is similar to the technology used in Hollywood blockbusters like Avatar, Iron man, Spiderman and Avengers series. With medical education becoming more mobile friendly, the company also provides Medimagic, the mobile app version that caters to the mobile-oriented learners. Vinformax provides content both as individual learning objectives and also horizontal and vertical integration-based learning objectives.

“We are passionate on being the digital technology and content drivers to influence a robust teaching-learning process,” says Dr. C. Satheesh Kumar Reddy, CEO of Vinformax. The company brings forth a transition from a science-based curriculum to skills and competency.

Paradigm Shift in Medical Pedagogy

In tune with the shift from traditional to digital classrooms, Vinformax uses stereoscopic 3D (S3D) to help the learners visualize the complex organs and biological processes while dynamically unfolding events from different perspectives making it more intuitive. In this technology disruption era, it fulfills the requirement of students that have a strong preference for visual and kinaesthetic learning compared to learning by hearing.
By covering all three aspects—kinaesthetic, audio, and visual—the solution makes the process of learning easier and faster, with outcome-based education, which results in better retention.

We are designing an AI-powered learning platform with auto-grading of assessments along with a dynamic algorithm-based question bank to guide every student toward improved learning outcomes

Vinformax provides its solutions in two ways, one of which is a B2B model where the company caters directly to the medical institutions. In any medical classroom with 100-250 students, where it’s more like an auditorium rather than a classroom, the stereoscopic 3D model is extremely purposeful. Using S3D, creates uniform visibility to all students along with depth-perception and multi-angle visualization at a touching distance. This not only solves the visualization issues across the classroom but also frees the tutor in drawing the medical illustrations, thereby enabling time for the tutor in establishing a greater connect with the learners. “We offer the perfect combination of education and entertainment, by increasing students’ engagement levels thereby helping them spend more time on their learning,” says Dr. Reddy.

The second is an online APP version of the product, a B2C model with the same learning objectives for students who can pre-learn, post-learn and do revisions. The APP also comes as a handy tool for the students preparing for PG entrance tests as a one-stop-solution for a complete revision of the basics. “We are building an AI tool to power the pre and post assessments along with a dynamic algorithm-based question bank to guide every student toward improved learning outcomes,” says Dr. Reddy. There are also pencil sketch animations to assist learners draw complex illustrations with ease.

Through the Eyes of Stereoscopic 3D

The innovative education platform offers the added benefit of platform agnostic learning with all their assets—that are QR-coded—being able to be integrated into any eBook platform.
The solution has an annotation tool with direct sharing made available to the students. With customization and scalability being one of the key features, Vinformax’s assets are adaptable on AR/ VR platforms. Vinformax has aligned its instructional design to give the learners conceptual level clarity on one hand while teachers benefit from factual perfection through stereoscopic 3D. The product has sufficient coverage combo from a teaching and learning perspective, augmented by competency-based outcomes through case-studies and adaptive assessments. While most medical education providers focus on anatomy, Vinformax includes all preclinical and paraclinical subjects. As the first and only company globally to provide stereoscopic 3D content that’s aligned to the curriculum, Vinformax provides authentic high resolution, natural and real-life animation, with a high quotient on engaged learning.

By far the most attractive feature of the solution is that there is no risk of picking uncurated open source, plagiarized content, and copyrighted images and videos as Vinformax provides globally usable, trusted content from an expert panel of international repute. The lessons are aligned to the curriculum, with digital board and annotations, which derives the most benefits in large classrooms/auditoriums and for students preparing for exams.

Resounding Success

The stereoscopic 3D education solution has seen immense success with top-notch medical colleges. Bangalore Medical College, Vydehi Institute of Medical Sciences, MVJ Medical college and RRMCH based in Bangalore, India have adopted this solution and today are leading the digital transformation in medical education. In an efficacy study by Vinformax, they found that there was a significant 30-40 percent difference in the marks scored by students in the institution, which proved the solution’s direct impact on the students’ learning process.

Through interactions with the management, faculties, and students across its user base, Vinformax is on course toward a big social impact. With a continued focus on stereoscopic 3D, the company is interested in medical reality animation wherein innovations on simulation will be its next move.