Ventura Pranas: OptimumAccounting & Tax Compliance Solutions for Cross-Border Clients & Businesses

Prabha Srinivasan, CEO

Prabha Srinivasan’s ambitious undertaking, Ventura Pranas, is a full-service accounting, tax, and bookkeeping firm that deftly specializes in both US and Indian tax compliance and planning. The service requirements of both individuals as well as small to mid-sized companies.

Srinivasan’s aspirations at easing financial and accounting intricacies with ancillary offerings led to the birth of the Los Angeles-headquartered firm in 2011. Today it offers synchronized support across verticals backed by its more than 100‐member full‐service team.

Recognizing the pain points of entities and individuals navigating through compliance in the US and India, Ventura Pranas offers comprehensive services in income tax, residency, emigration, citizenship, estate, and other tax and financial advisory; making it one of the very few end-to-end providers in a field dominated primarily by the Big 4 consulting firms. “Several of our clients have come to us as fledgling organizations and have grown in terms of people, products, services, and most importantly, their needs have also changed in the course. We are fortunate to be able to support them on their growth journey,” informs the company founder and CEO, Prabha Srinivasan.

We are solution finders undaunted by clients’ dramatic challenges

It, in fact, their clients’ growth that has been conducive for Ventura Pranas’ growth as a cross-border firm, with both expertise in Indian Chartered Accountancy, as well as, US Certified Public Accounting practice

While Ventura Pranas’ core clientele is primarily technology-driven, the firm’s strategic LA HQ location has worked to its advantage in servicing several clients from the entertainment industries of Hollywood over its years of operations. “On‐demand platforms (ODPs) have broken all barriers in entertainment. This has made our firm’s expertise and contribution to the entertainment sector even more valuable since actors, directors, screenwriters and production houses are producing content in one country while trading it with companies based in other,” explains Srinivasan of the firm’s role in servicing clients in this domain.

Nurturing expert for immaculate consultancy experience

Given how dynamic the tax code is from one year to another or one administration to the next, Ventura Pranas is dedicated to providing access to and in the implementation of Continuous Professional Education (CPE) to its core team consisting of enrolled agents, chartered accountants, and certified public accountants.
With many of the employees on their way to gaining certifications, the company has instituted dedicated employee development programs by offering them the flexibility of time and financial support for acquiring these professional certifications. Adhering to its core values of ‘Excellence’ and ‘Knowledge and Professional Development’, the firm goes an extra mile to invest in training and continuous education for all its team members.

Concerning compliance challenges handled adeptly by the firm, Srinivasan says, “We are solution finders undaunted by clients’ dramatic challenges. We have been able to navigate the exchange control regulations, residency regulations under the Income Tax and Dual Tax Avoidance Agreements with various countries and make timely decisions concerning assets, companies or residency keeping clients’ future goals in mind.”

Positioned to advise its clients on a wide range of services such as Business Startup Services, International Tax Filing and, Financial Compilations, Reviews and Audits, Wealth Advisory Services, Tax Advisory & Planning, Estate Planning, Outsourced CFO functions, for both the United States and India, Ventura Pranas envisions to be the foremost respected firm of Accountants dispensing impeccable customer-centric solutions with the utmost integrity.