Vayu Robotics: Evolution of Autonomous Intelligence in Robotics

Anand Gopalan, Founder & CEO

Robotics is advancing rapidly due to its ability to execute complex computations and automate sophisticated tasks using increasingly advanced sensors and actuators.

Vayu Robotics is at the forefront of driving the evolution of robotics technology by designing autonomous systems and building scalable mobile robotics platforms using bioinspired sensing and AI foundation models for mobility. New technologies, like reinforcement learning and generative pre-training, combined with efficient AI algorithms make Vayu’s robotic systems faster and more robust in the real world while also being cost efficient and scalable.

“When the two elements of autonomous systems – lowcost sensors and advanced algorithms – come together, it results in robotics systems where the cost of ownership and operation is significantly lower than anything built before,” states Anand Gopalan, founder and CEO of Vayu Robotics.

Vayu Robotics’ broad technology platform can be applied to many robotics and mobility industries, allowing the company to provide its services across multiple applications.
Whether enabling vehicles to operate safely and efficiently, automating industrial spaces using advanced sensors and intelligent algorithms, or streamlining last-mile delivery for supply chains, Vayu’s robotics solutions are designed to revamp business processes and drive revenue.

Among the many technologies Vayu Robotics brings to the table, their product, Vayu Sense, takes very lowcost semiconductor elements, like standard CMOS image sensors, and enhances them, creating a robust depth sensing modality with the cost of a simple camera system without any moving parts. Vayu Sense enables the robot or system to overcome the common challenges in vision systems and facilitates enhanced contrast in many indoor and outdoor scenarios. These sensors can demonstrate robust performance across various light and weather conditions that challenge traditional cameras and LiDARs.

In addition, Vayu Robotics recently introduced Vayu Drive, an environmentally sustainable and scalable robotics solution for last-mile delivery on public roads. Vayu Drive is an end-to-end deep learning-based autonomous stack that drives robots while maintaining interpretability and safety. Vayu Drive is trained using a simulated environment, effectively building a robust AI agent requiring very little real-world data collection and annotation. The agent is transferable across many applications, allowing companies to learn from deployments in different industries, making processes robust and efficient.
An example of how these values and services can help companies is a large food delivery business that was trying to deliver food across different geographies to different customers. Their biggest challenge was that their system was expensive and inefficient, and the gas-powered vehicles used were very carbon intensive relative to the small amounts of food they were delivering. Vayu Robotics’ system could deliver the same amount for less than one fifth of the cost, one tenth of the carbon footprint and operate across a longer time horizon.

When the two elements of autonomous systems – low-cost sensors and advanced algorithms – come together, it results in robotics systems where the cost of ownership and operation is significantly lower than anything built before

Vayu Robotics is empowering and democratizing mobile robotics across industries, led by an experienced group of engineers who have been able to rapidly progress through the product lifecycle – from concept to technology prototype to final product. As clients expand the use of robotics, Vayu will realize its vision of a new wave of autonomous solutions using the company’s intelligence, power, and mobile robotics solutions across every vertical that utilizes autonomous robots.