Trupp Global: A Reliable Partner to Bank on for Business Process Outsourcing Support

Naveed Ahamad, Founder & CEO

The global outsourcing market has evolved drastically in the last two decades. Gone are the days when businesses used to outsource customer support and back-office services purely from a point of cost-saving and outsourcing firms were considered nothing more than just another vendor to the business. Today, businesses are witnessing a digital revolution and end customers have an abundance of choices & information available at their hand. This has led enterprises to realize the importance of customer experience; hence focusing on customer-centricity. The same is the reason why outsourcing firms are now being considered as an integral part of businesses and treated as partners to develop solutions around end customers. Catering to this gravitational shift, Trupp Global, a Bangalore-based consulting-partner is offering exactly the same that a customer demands.

Established in 2017, Trupp Global is an organization that was founded with an aim of providing top-class outsourcing support, especially to start-ups & small-to-medium-sized Businesses (SMBs) across the world.
Under the headship of Naveed Ahamad Mundasgar (Founder & CEO), Thilip Kumar (Co-Founder) and Hashim Shaikh Kallu (Business Manager), Trupp Global today is credited as the one-stop ally for all business outsourcing requirements.

Trupp’s Forte

There exist a large number of players in the market who provide piecemeal solutions that do not add much to the requirements of today’s businesses. Unlike other peers, Trupp Global provides end-to-end business process outsourcing (BPO) solutions, so that start-ups & SMBs need not depend on multiple vendors for diverse solutions. Apart from that, what typically differentiates Trupp Global from that crowd is its commitment and allegiance towards helping clients grow and excel in the long run. “Start-ups & SMBs look for outsourcing providers, who can understand their business needs, be flexible in terms of scaling or ramping down support and work along with them to help the business grow. Trupp Global endeavors to acknowledge this factor as a top priority and strives to work along with clients in order to find solutions to the problems which are unique to their business,” asserts Naveed.

Trupp Global’s service portfolio covers several cardinal BPO subsets including customer support (Voice, Email & Chat Support), back-office support, internet research, data entry, analytics, healthcare BPO, photo editing, title search, tax certificates, municipal lien searches, SDS sourcing & indexing and much more.
All of these services are crafted with great veracity and are dedicated to providing start-ups and SMBs with full insights to improve their business processes while simultaneously driving profitability at every step in the business realm.

A Strong Team with Bright Future

The firm has a strong workforce of 200 experienced and expert professionals from various domains. This expert team is further responsible for attaining a 95 percent customer retention rate from diverse industries such as Environmental Health and Safety Compliance Services (EHS), e-Commerce, Mortgage, Technology, Retail, Travel & Hospitality, Healthcare, Logistics and more.

No wonder with such dedication, Trupp Global has witnessed 200 percent YoY growth in revenue since its inception. Currently Trupp Global has a geographical presence in regions including North America, Europe, Australia and New Zealand. In the coming future, it aims to grow in different specialized fields while expanding its business footprints. “We are looking at a 1000 people strong team in the next 3 years. As part of our future growth plan, we are building domain expertise in the mortgage, pharmaceutical and retail industry and are gearing up by bringing in some great talent with expertise in these areas,” concludes Naveed.