Tikkl: Enabling the Most Immersive Hybrid Events

NiviPadhy, Co-Founder and CEO

There are some things simply impossible to ignore when one attends a concert. The electricity in the air, the loud buzz of an anticipating crowd, and the experience of viewing—first-hand—live performances of iconic individuals. Nothing can compare to the authenticity of being in the present; the magic of in-person events is always very apparent. After the pandemic, however, many event planners and corporates found themselves asking the question, “Can we recreate the same experience in a new, more digital format?”

San Francisco-based Tikkl responds with a resounding yes.

Tikkl brought to market a highly-immersive product to facilitate meaningful, human connections through shared event experiences that entertain, educate, and inspire anyone, anywhere. The company’s events platform delivers an elevated experience in all formats: in-person, virtual, and hybrid, and empowers users to organize or attend programs hosted across vast distances.

Initially, Tikkl was founded to build an interactive marketing solution. While in beta, Tikkl recognized that its interactive marketing solution was used primarily by event organizers to engage their audience before and after events. From there, Tikkl pivoted to build an end-to-end solution to run highly engaging events. In response to the pandemic, it added functionalities for virtual and hybrid event formats.

Moreover, the idea of a platform that can provide a front-row experience has been a lifelong pursuit for Nivi Padhy, co-founder and CEO of Tikkl. Born with aretina defect, Nivi is legally blind; though that never seems to slow her down. She earned her electrical & electronics engineering degree at BITS Pilani with no accommodations and worked at tech companies such as Infosys during its infancy in the early 90s and Computer Associates in engineering and management roles. However, as she attended events and conferences during her career, Nivi missed out on a full experience, only seeing blurred objects on stage and struggling to match audio to its source.
This led her to develop a platform that helps companies host entertainment shows, festivals, business events, and conferences creatively and optimally to provide an up-close and personal experience to all attendees.

Today, with Tikkl live stream, everyone can enjoy a front-row experience with friends without the barriers of seat availability, cost, distance, a lack of time or means of travel, or any need to worry about leaving behind a large carbon footprint; the condition of one’s physical health or disability is always taken into consideration. For this reason, Nivi looks forward to genuinely enjoying concerts and conferences more closely, with excellent visual acuity and audio brilliance, and enabling the world to do the same with Tikkl.

“Events have always been exciting for me. This passion helped design a platform to elevate virtual and hybrid events, empowering organizers to deliver a personalized, secure, and interactive experience at every step,” expresses Nivi.

Tikkl brought to market a highly-immersive product to facilitate meaningful, human connections through shared event experiences that entertain, educate, and inspire anyone, anywhere

The company’s platform works well for both virtual and in-person events. It enables organizers to attract attendees through pre-event engagement activities, such as quizzes and contests, seamless registration and ticketing with seating zones, and custom apps for the day of the event to enhance the audience’s involvement. The platform also permits organizers to conduct a post-event poll to capture individual reactions and feedback to finetune future events.

Tikkl’s live streaming feature further augments an event planner’s ability to attract an audience. Thelive streaming feature works similar to modern-day interactions over Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube live, albeit with a rich, 4K high-resolution and ad-free audio-visual experience. A crucial feature that has helped propel Tikkl live stream’s popularity is that Tikkl provides secure, geo-coded, ticketed access, thus safeguarding organizers’ IP, ensuring tickets are not shared around, and boosting true sales and revenue.
With Tikkl, organizers can also turn on other social and engaging aspects such as the attendee wall feature that allows users to see who is attending their event. Suppose the organizer chooses to publish an attendee wall. In that case, Tikkl lets attendees decide whether they wish to remain anonymous or reveal who they are and whether they desire to add additional messages. The Tikkl platform helps personalize event experiences and makes each step more memorable while safeguarding privacy and security.

Tikkl’s team of software professionals love attending events as much as they love working with the latest innovative technologies. The company’s seasoned professionals designed the solution the way they would want it to function, such that users can buy their tickets or register for an event without being forced to log in or create an account on Tikkl.

As an example of Tikkl’s flexibility and capabilities, a multinational corporation hired Tikkl’s help in conducting a high-touch business conference. Tikkl helped them organize a three-day conference with 500 leaders from various organizations. The main objective was to provide a personalized, enjoyable experience for these individuals and obtain their bios, photos, and information to republish these details for viewing by other attendees. Moreover, they wanted attendees who could not travel in person also to be able to participate meaningfully and securely. The customer successfully executed all their event management strategies, employing Tikkl’s powerful and flexible events platform. As a result, Tikkl has continued to host this customer’s subsequent conferences and gained new customers from amongst the attendees.

With such success stories under the hood from a diverse set of organizers such as VMware, TEDx, and India Dance Festival, Tikkl intends to continue providing solutions that deliver front-row experiences for attendees and reward event organizers with the successes they deserve. Events are not just about the content they showcase but rather how they make an attendee feel. For Tikkl, it is about bridging the gap between the people on stage and those in the audience.