ThirdEye Data: The Answer to All Data Challenges

Big data is no fad. The world is witnessing a meteoric rise of data today, which is only doubling in volume by the year. As data evolves, every business organization seeks to explore the deluge of information and glean meaningful insights to drive better decision-making and enhance productivity. Despite such potential, enterprises, especially SMBs, fall behind in implementing data-driven processes. The culprit, however, is not their lack of innovation, but the complexity in unraveling the intricate correlations between seemingly unrelated data. Attending to alleviate these setbacks, an AI-driven data-focused company ThirdEye Data lays its cornerstone. Founded in 2010, a one-stop shop for data sciences, analytics and engineering services, and products, “ThirdEye is the answer to all your data-related queries,” remarks Dj Das, founder and CEO of the company. Leveraging modern technologies such as AI and ML, ThirdEye offers actionable insights, real-world experiences, and strategic recommendations to help enterprises mitigate their business challenges.

Further highlighting the robustness of ThirdEye in today’s business milieu, Aparajeeta Das, co-founder and chief delivery officer of the company, notes, “Even to this day, many firms struggle to deploy digital data gathering methodologies, let alone implement sophisticated data processing algorithms.” One of ThirdEye’s primary objectives is equipping such companies with the right solutions to make them more technologically mature in the era of digitalization.
ThirdEye aspires to become the proponent of digitalization for all enterprises, big and small, all over the world. “Smaller firms are usually underserved when it comes to implementing data solutions,” says Dj. The reasons are manifold: the high cost of deploying a big data solution; lack of trained data scientists to utilize the sophisticated analytics toolsets; or inability of firms to determine the starting point of their digital data journey. “Laser-focused on countering these problems, we combine different big data technologies, like Apache’s Hadoop and Spark with AI and ML technologies like TensorFlow, SparkML, and Azure ML to offer the best possible solution at the best possible price with the least TCO,” says Dj.

Committed to this objective, ThirdEye recently launched a new product named ClouDhiti, which offers “Business Analytics as a Service,” targeted at the SMBs. This offering is both cost-effective and less cumbersome for an SMB. “Currently, we are extending this model to support clients from restaurants, education, and healthcare sectors. We are also utilizing ClouDhiti to help various NGOs on their social missions,” says Aparajeeta, emphasizing the diverse possibilities of their approach.

Alongside, ThirdEye also offers three distinctive products: Eyera, Safera, and Syra.
From network fraud detection and predictions in the real-estate sector to predictive maintenance and fleet analytics for the transportation industry, Eyera—a comprehensive IoT solution—can be customized for a variety of business use cases. Safera, on the other hand, is a predictive analytics platform for analyzing criminal activities and predicting the probability of crime in specific locations given the base information about weather and traffic. Lastly, Syra is a customizable AI-driven chatbot solution that can answer questions specific to an enterprise’s domain. These chatbots deliver higher engagement and hence higher conversion ratios.

“Today, data has become the fulcrum on which the axle of a business turns; it is no longer a local phenomenon, but a global trend,” says Dj. Jumping on this bandwagon, ThirdEye—without physical sales offices outside the U.S.—has clients from seven countries worldwide. “The world has become flat when it comes to data,” comments Dj. In the coming years, the duo intends to leverage their decades of expertise in handling the data deluge to make ThirdEye the numero uno in the data landscape. Expressing their passion for redefining the data solutions landscape, Dj concludes with a soliloquy from his favorite Bollywood movie: “What is the point of living, if you do not have an impossible dream to fulfill.”