TheCloudPartner: Propelling Organizations toward Successful Digital Transformation

Jai Lalwani, Managing Partner

“As a boutique consulting firm, our value proposition is combining best practices and methodologies that drive 100 percent customer satisfaction. We specialize in handling digital and change management projects, ranging from business process improvement, customer relationship management, digital marketing, website redesign, and e-commerce implementation,” states Jai Lalwani, Managing Partner, TheCloudPartner.

TheCloudPartner lives and breathes this philosophy. The company is the brainchild of a group of passionate partners who wanted to find an optimal way to guide organizations through their digital transformation journeys and retrieve maximum ROI. They were driven by the mission of delivering meaningful work via comprehensive services encompassing everything from strategy to execution and building meaningful long-lasting relationships that result in customer success.

This is precisely where TheCloudPartner makes its mark by helping its high-tech, financial, automotive, and nonprofit clients strategize and execute improved digital transformation initiatives.

For over eight years, TheCloudPartner has been at the forefront of delivering services in the CRM, project and program management, and enterprise architecture domains.
Over the years, there have been numerous challenges that riddled the marketplace. Many organizations face difficulties with redundancy in processes and siloed data sources. They also have suboptimal processes resulting from using different systems to manage various business operations. This prevents clients from having a 360-degree view of their business operation and customers, hindering them from making informed, data-driven decisions that drive revenue.

TheCloudPartner specializes in building the right cloud strategy for clients by understanding their needs and combining suitable tools, people, and resources to support their transformation and cloud implementation projects. Its proprietary framework, TheCloudPath, brings 100 percent customer success measured in increased revenue and decreased costs.

TheCloudPath is designed on the ‘ABCD’ foundation, where the four core pillars include application assessment, business process and assessment, capability maturity and framework, and data. TheCloudPartner gains clear visibility into clients’ governance, technology, security, and stakeholders. This framework allows it to assess their applications and portfolios and get an end-to-end understanding of their business processes, their position in the capability maturity framework, and their data and governance needs.

In every client engagement, TheCloudPartner implements its proprietary nine-step continuous process using the agile methodology termed TheCloudWay. It helps clients with complex projects, drives transparency, and delivers highquality outcomes.
This involves assessment requirements, strategy, design, build, testing, training, change management, phase one rollout, and post-support processes, and transforms the methodology and framework into a ‘crawl, walk, and run’ strategy applying agile principles.

TheCloudPartner takes on a principle-driven approach to decisionmaking through its guiding principle; trusted partner, commitment, and continuous pursuit of excellence. These concepts pave the way for better decisions for internal and external clients and time-efficiently roll out high-quality projects.

We specialize in handling digital and change management projects, ranging from business process improvement, customer relationship management, digital marketing B2B, B2C, website re-design, and e-commerce implementation

TheCloudPartner prides itself on its stellar team of subject matter experts who understand the nuances of clients’ processes and promptly deliver projects. Their in-depth experience in leading tech platforms like Salesforce gives them an upper hand in selecting the right solutions for clients and maximizing their CRM investments. In addition, they support clients and become an extension of their teams during the entire program or project lifecycle. Customer-centricity being at the core of its operations, TheCloudPartner continues to support clients in every capacity while remaining agile and flexible.