Techne Infiniti Ventures: Stalwarts of Innovative Technology in the Hospitality Industry

Manish Gupta, Managing Director

Hospitality, Travel & Tourism is one of the largest sectors, contributing approximately 10% to global GDP & employing approximately 10% of the global workforce. According to the latest ReportLinker report, the Global Smart Hospitality industry is projected to reach $53.8 billion by 2028, growing at 30% CAGR*Hospitality is also one of the least digitized sectors, highly labor intensive, lacking in tech expertise and encumbered with legacy systems. These factors have led to slow and complex tech adoption.

Today hospitality is at the cusp of enormous change. Hotels face tremendous pressure to revamp their tech infrastructure and incorporate solutions to meet the changing needs of customers. The modern traveler is driving the demand for unique and more personalized experiences, better connectivity, and contactless technology solutions—especially post pandemic. COVID heightened labor market disruptions, accelerating the need for and adoption of automation & technology solutions to improve guest experience and operational efficiencies.

Techne Infiniti Ventures, a hospitality-focused venture fund, works with entrepreneurs globally to build next-generation hospitality technology solutions. With deep sector, technology and investment expertise, and an extensive network of hospitality & technology ecosystem network, Techne is perfectly positioned to lead the technological disruption and transformation in the sector.

Techne operates (a) Venture Studio to incubate new technologies that promise unicorn scale success, (b) Hospitality-tech Accelerator 10-week program that takes a handful of early-stage startups looking to grow their footprint in hospitality. In this program, founders work closely with industry experts and mentors to define their target market, find a product market fit, and get initial validation from customers. Techne helps its cohort companies connect with beta customers for pilots & POCs, and (c) Direct VC investment in tech startups targeting hospitality and adjacent sectors.

Techne has incubated an IOT platform startup in early 2022, currently operating in stealth mode, and completed its first accelerator cohort in Summer 2022, with five companies from around the globe including US, Singapore, South Africa, and Middle East. Techne is planning to run two cohorts a year, with 8-10 companies selected from a global pool of 500+ applicants.

While narrating his entrepreneurial journey in hospitality, Manish Gupta, Managing Director of Techne Infiniti Ventures, affirms his vision to anticipate, enable, and lead the technological transformation in the industry.
“We look forward to producing multiple unicorn-scale companies in the hospitality-tech sector and be a part of the journey with the founders,” said Manish. “There are dozens of white spaces and pain points that we have identified and if we cannot find startups addressing them, we will incubate them in house.”

With years of experience as engineers and managers at big tech firms, Manish and his brother Dipesh Gupta entered the hospitality industry as investors, and built a premium portfolio of hotels in Silicon Valley over the last 15 years. They own, operate and manage this portfolio, which gives them a unique insider’s view of hospitality operations and the mindset of hospitality tech buyers and users.

The future of VC funds is vertical investments. We bring deep sector expertise and an extensive network, making us the perfect partner for startups disrupting the hospitality industry

Techne team consists of highly successful Silicon Valley technologists with extensive startup and big tech experience at Google, Apple, Microsoft, Cisco, Amazon, Intel, Salesforce, Oracle, Symantec, HPE, Netflix, Nokia, and KPMG.

Headquartered in Silicon Valley, Techne brings an unparalleled understanding of technology-based innovation that can be successfully deployed in the hospitality industry and adjacent sectors. Techne is well positioned to become a leading driver of innovation for the hospitality industry worldwide.