Tech Ambani: Knowledge Partner for SAP S/4 HANA Transition

Digital Transformation is the latest buzzword and, in reality, it has been underway for a long time already. The current wave of change is about breaking down hierarchies and building a role based Flattened and Nimble Organizations that operate in Extended Supply Chains. But, this one is different in that it will be a change against entrenched IT interests within the corporations. This one is NOT going to be driven by existing preferred vendors nor can it be driven by internal IT Support Staff. The push for the present wave adoption of migrating to the right Cloud Platform has to come from the Business Owners and End Users while clearly establishing controls and ownership structures around both Data Handling and Security.

Underlying assumptions of the past that led to the present blocks in the process OR multiple interfaces are not valid any more. Tech Ambani
believes that the Digital The disaster of was caused by preferred vendors screened through several layers of evaluation and that debacle was eventually resolved by a Small Tribe of Focused Individuals from the Silicon Valley. Sreeni,at the helm of affairs at Tech Ambani, shares those values and executes his projects Transformation can be financed with the existing over all budgets,and takes a long term view of three to five years to realize payback of its own project implementation budget,so, customer's cost is minimized. In other words, Tech Ambani handles the Digital Transformation for any Customer as an Owner Partner rather than as a hands off vendor. The model of IT or Systems Integration Vendors getting paid no matter what happens in project roll out is an anathema to Tech Ambani.

the same way with no nonsense, minimal fuss. He successfully turned around, time and again, difficult and failed projects with backing from executive sponsorship. The Right Executive Sponsorship combined with a Core Group of Focused Individuals is the key to successful transition greater change is accomplished by smaller groups at the core. Leveraging Ambani's experience of over two decades in the SAP consulting domain, Tech Ambani assists clients with complete SAP life cycle service capabilities across the entire suite. He further remarks,"We drive a
project using client's existing budget, by reallocation of resources without any additional cost."

Today's technological trends revolve around simplifying user experiences and collapsing multiple process points into a single easy to use interface. "Business suites such as SAP S/4HANA are especially designed to drive business innovation keeping' simplicity' the star of the entire process. However, migration to a new system can be arduous and time consuming," notes S.C. Ambani, CEO, Tech Ambani.

Starting with assessing SAP solutions, Tech Ambani helps clients to map key business processes with SAP business suite and define its scope. Clients can get technical and functional support from its Application Maintenance Support (AMS)for SAP. Along side implementation services,the company also specializes in leveraging Hana Cloud Platform (HCP). "We provide ready to use scenarios with development interfaces allowing clients to immediately deploy applications according to their needs,"says Ambani. Tech Ambani also helps in enhancing overall efficiency and achieve faster time to market.

Ambani chisels his company with the ideology of 'Sapientia est Potentia' meaning wisdom is power. This ideology is reflected in Tech Ambani's knowledge base of deep rooted expertise around SAP services.