Talkd. : Architects of Delightful User Experience

We are living in the digital era. Today, enterprises are trying to adopt and adapt to the digital of everything to cater to the increasing demand for seamless user experience. Hence, opportunities in UI/UX are abundant in the Indian market with new opportunities appearing in the horizon. With this ever increasing demand for flawless user experience, businesses are looking to experience development specialists to help them make website, software and app interfaces more intuitive. However, there is a dearth of subject matter experts in UI/UX who can ideate, develop and deliver delightful user experience. This has become a challenge, especially for companies attempting to leverage digital channels to accomplish building intelligent and interesting products.

It is this challenge that motivated Shashi Sudhanshu to dive into this market with talkd.. Speaking of his inspiration, Shashi Sudhanshu, CEO of talkd. says, “Enterprises need a supporting partner who not only understands technology, usability, user experience but their business requirements as well. This was the idea that led to the inception of talkd.. We evolved from lead farming, while working magic with some of the most well known tech companies such as Aurionpro and Persistent Systems across design, development and product innovation”. Commenting on the reason behind the name ‘talkd.’, he adds, “Our idea of digital is not just limited to a campaign or a marketing stunt. We believe digital is an approach backed by technology, insights and data. Signifying ‘Talk Digital’, talkd. empowers CMOs’ mission of digital transformation enabling marketing to support sales enablement.”

Consultants equipped with subject matter expertise

Providing an insight into the challenges in the UI-UX market, Shashi Sudhanshu opines, “There is only one major challenge in this segment – UI-UX teams lacking the necessary subject matter expertise. Almost all vendors have two teams - the design and the development, who, in most cases work in silos. Also, most of these vendors lack certified UI-UX specialists who are quick to understand the product requirements and development architecture. Inevitably it is a designer who works on the project who fails to understand the science behind the product and only incorporates the design part.” Addressing this challenge, the team at talkd. does not limit themselves as per the boundaries set by clients, but acts as experienced consultants who understand the product requirement and the client objective. Shashi Sudhanshu explains, “We work on the science behind the design and development, providing consulting to the client through each phase of the development lifecycle. The team leads the design thinking and development activities as a single unit and delivers beyond client expectations.”

Expertise across industrial hierarchy equipped to deliver across alllevels of industrial hierarchy. Right from the market leaders in product development in the tech market to start-ups who bring in innovative ideas but lack the development team to support them. What enables talkd. to cater to the differential needs across industry hierarchy is again their role as consultants who are equipped with subject matter expertise giving them a definitive edge. Reflecting on the team’s expertisein UI/UX, Shashi Sudhanshu delineates, “Before we develop a product we understand it’s nature, the client requirement, whether it is a B2B or B2C, the industry, the product domain, the context, etc. UI/UX is a balancing act with the right combination of technology, design, animation etc. that ultimately enhances user experience. This is what we deliver, striking the right balance in UI/UX, not going overboard neither being minimalistic. These are the factors that set us apart.”

talkd. Believes in technology as an enabler and seeks to harness the power of technology with all its possibilities and potential

Exhibiting proficiency in UI/UX

Proficiency stems from understanding what works and what not and knowing the end-user perception. Keeping the end user in mind, the team at talkd. considers different elements while designing engaging user interfaces for apps, websites and enterprise applications.Taking us through the design process Shashi Sudhanshu explains that the dynamics of product development differs between B2B and B2C.

B2C products, used by large number of end-users who lack prior knowledge and training, they require high usability rate. It all comes to science and intuition to make the product simple enough so that the end result is enhanced user experience.In B2B, on the other hand, proper trainings sessions are conducted before the roll out. Here the challenge is how to make the product efficient. An interaction designer in this case may think differently because persona and business case is totally different. He might try to incorporate lots of hidden shortcuts and customizations at little cost of usability to achieve the task. However, this kind of stunt, in B2C product might end up in a disaster. Emphasizing on understanding this difference in scenario of B2B and B2C product is crucial for success.

Beyond this, technical knowledge is also a must have at talkd. Believing in technology as an enabler, talkd. seeks to harness the power of technology with all its possibilities and potential. An instance that showcases talkd.’s competency in the UI-UX domain is their association with Formula 1 for creating a dealership management portal. The portal’s dashboard used by the marketing team of Formula 1 is a perfect case of personalized experience. talkd.’s design team conceptualized and developed the interface in a way that it delivers relevant information to the executives of Formula 1 based on their job roles and day to day activities to increase productivity. User don’t have to check other tools for basics like assigned tasks, calendar, projections etc. with all the necessary information available on the dashboard supporting right decision making at right time.
Storytelling - through UI/UX and beyond

Storytelling and scientific designs are an integral part of talkd.’s approach to designing personalized and unique websitesas well aspresentations brand videos. The firm conducts detailed consulting sessions with the clients to understand the brand, their ideology, the target market, etc. These factors form the building base to their storytelling that enables the team to connect and structure a flow that would resonate with the viewers. This step is followed with working on an enticing design to uplift this flow. Herein the team does not focus on a colourful palette but proper and scientific design aspects combing that with a design-less design approach. The CEO proudly says, “Our creative consultants and product innovators work magic making the end product a benchmark of excellence, one that is out-of-the-box. Thus, when we deliver the finished work, it delights and enables the client to reach out and connect with their prospective clients and customers delighting them in turn. In the end, customers resonate with the brand enabling the brand to grow customer lifetime value.”

Partnering as an extended arm

Often the needs of the client are recurring and urgent. Collateral such as keynotes, brochures, banners, booth designs, branded stationary etc., are required frequently. Clients with such needs do not look for a vendor but a partner who will support them in this endeavor and work as an extended arm of the enterprise. In a partner they look for ownership and trust that their need will be delivered in a limited time frame with the expected quality product that is needed.

This is exactly what talkd. aims to deliver. The Design Desk at talkd. is a team that is competent and geared up to handle urgent requests and is capable to delight clients even within a short timeline. This enables the firm to partner with clients and meet their needs irrespective of the hour. Shashi Sudhanshu shares, “Consider our partnership with Aurionpro - a perfect example of a blended collaboration. An excellent team of designers and creatives on-demand for anytime deliveries irrespective of the requirement."

Leading the digital transformation

Founded in Pune, talkd. hasspread its wings beyond India, in SFO and Chicago. talkd. is evolving as an entity and is on the verge of achieving another milestone in its digital journey with an experience delivery centre in Bengaluru, catering to the tech enterprises and brands. Acknowledging their advisors and consultants from USA and India, Shashi Sudhanshu says that talkd. is moving forward with the aim to emerge as a strategic partner to enterprises, empowering their CMOs to transform the vision of sales enablement through marketing. “We envision becoming the trendsetters and consultants in the digital of everything, not just in India and US but the entire tech marketplace across major continents. Besides this, we look to bolster our UI/UX expertise in hardware; an initiative which we are already working towards. We aim to bring our expertise in scientific design,technology, martech and storytelling to support the process of digital transformation. The future will be all about hardware and we want to be ready for this," concludes the visionary CEO.