Sunita Hydrocolloids Inc (SHI): Delivering Cost-Effective Chemical Technologies to the Last Mile

Mohit Hissaria, President

The U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) predicts global petroleum consumption will rise by an average of 1.5 million barrels per day by 2023. Despite this rise in prices, demand for petroleum continues to soar solely due to the economic expansion in developing nations. This factor substantiates the need for a robust and cost-effective approach to extracting oil and gas. Since the application of oilfield chemicals plays a crucial role in enhanced oil recovery (EOR), fracturing, acid treatments, cementing, and drilling, it requires them to be of high quality without any compromises.

Sunita Hydrocolloids Inc., USA (SHI) negates the dilemma between cost-effectiveness and high-quality chemicals by producing high-quality stimulation chemicals at competitive prices for the North and South American markets.

A Delaware corporation established as a wholly owned subsidiary of Sunita Hydrocolloids Private Limited, India (SHPL), SHI is an innovator in the field of chemical technology.
It offers various stimulation chemicals for the entire oil extraction process, like guar-based gelling agents, crosslinkers, clay stabilizers, defoamers, nonemulsifiers, and breakers.

SHI, with inventory stationed at multiple locations, delivers the products it manufactures directly to the well site using its transportation services from the Permian Basin to the Midcontinent region. "Through our motto of customer service, we distinguish ourselves from our industry peers. We deliver complete chemical solutions to the well site 24/7," says Mohit Hissaria, President of Sunita Hydrocolloids Inc., USA (SHI).

Due to the complexities of the oil and gas industry’s operations, SHI works with its customers hand in hand and offers customized solutions to ensure every process is seamlessly executed. Companies in the mid-continent region partnering with SHI and using its patented technologies, like the gelling agent with better proppantcarrying behavior, experienced a 400 percent rise in production. This success drives energy companies to collaborate with SHI throughout the process.

For instance, a customer from the Midcontinent region used a competitor's gelling agent and suffered damages to the formation in the downhole.
They approached SHI to analyze and remediate their situation. It swiftly responded by sending its application engineer to the well site, who determined the magnitude of damages. SHI also offered its patented gelling agent and technical knowledge on its application and best practices. Upon implementation, the customer acquired a 400 percent increase in production.

Through our motto of customer service, we distinguish ourselves from our industry peers. We deliver complete chemical solutions to the well site 24/7

SHI has a long line of success steeped in history, the recent one being awarded as the Best Chemical Company of 2022 of El Reno, Oklahoma. A key factor to its success is the expertise of its employees across all levels. Considering them as valuable assets, Hissaria also credits the technical team that works closely with customers to solve their problems and respond to their needs. This close-knit company culture enables SHI's team of experts to collaborate, innovate, create, and deliver the highest quality chemicals to the oilfield that meets and exceeds industry standards.