Sprinklr: Elevate Brand with an Integrated Experience Strategy

Ragy Thomas, CEO

In today's environment, a successful enterprise requires a clear and sustainable competitive advantage in the marketplace. A strategic differentiation can be gained by focusing on the single most crucial success element – the customers. A business organization can ensure success by managing the customer relationship and providing top-notch customer care, field support, and billing services as efficiently as possible. And that's why modern customer experience acts as a brand's most significant revenue driver.

Sprinklr has quickly become a critical system for organizations, enabling brands to serve their customers in a personal, seamless way across all digital channels. Sprinklr employs the industry's most advanced AI and machine learning to pull insights using seven layers of AI processing, making 5 billion predictions a day. Moreover, the Sprinklr Sandbox supports application lifecycle management, allowing its clients to manage or change to Sprinklr without interruptions to day-to-day customer care. The Sprinklr Sandbox also offers an isolated test environment that mimics a live production environment, allowing its clients to practice with precision, create without consequences, and change with confidence.
Further, The Forrester WaveTM validates Sprinklr as a Leader in The Forrester Wave, Sales Social Engagement Solutions, Q1 2021. Additionally, the report states that Sprinklr leads by unifying marketing and sales activities on one platform. With capabilities that support listening, publishing, advertising, and embedded AI functionality to help users create network-appropriate profiles, Sprinklr meets both marketers' and sellers' comprehensive needs. The platform facilitates user collaboration across notes, queues, as well as tasks, and industry-specific workflows can be customized across channels, regions, and account groups.

Sprinklr has made significant R&D investments in its technology architecture to support more than ten messaging apps, giving global sellers the flexibility to communicate in relevant regional formats. The company has garnered praises from its clients for its ability to dynamically scale and deploy the platform and its deep functionality that serves a wide range of users and use cases. With the bulk of its customers in the finance, automotive, and hospitality industries, Sprinklr is an ideal fit for companies with large globally distributed sales forces.

As a leading health technology company, Philips was facing challenges managing the creation, distribution, and analysis of its social advertising. As a large, complex organization, Philips' social advertising campaigns involve working with about a hundred independent agency partners located across the globe in more than 30 countries.
With agency partners working independently on creative, strategy or reporting for the company's advertising campaigns, Philips' fragmented record system made it difficult to gain complete visibility into who was building creative assets or publishing content on behalf of the company. Much of the company's social advertising data and learnings were sitting in spreadsheets, either at Philips or with the agency partner.

To address these issues, Philips began implementing Sprinklr's solution across the organization in the fall of 2018. Over a year later, markets and their respective agencies had been onboarded, with a global adoption rate of 78% and trending. The implementation of Sprinklr has already increased efficiency and transparency in many ways, and the central marketing team at Philips now has global visibility across all social activity.

Sprinklr began in Ragy Thomas' house in New Jersey, USA, on September 24th, 2009, and officially launched with its first customer on January 15th, 2010. New customers quickly signed up for the revolutionary new service, including Cisco, Microsoft, and Nike – reassured by Sprinklr's enterprise-class security, governance, and privacy. Over the years, a seasoned management team has joined Ragy, including experienced executives from Cisco, Procter & Gamble, Microsoft, Salesforce, BMC, and BazaarVoice.