Snap IT: Preparing IT for the Future

Vijay Vemuri, CEO

The notion of digital transformation is not new to businesses, and implementing enterprise applications has always been a natural step toward going digital. In today's world of new normal and hyper-competition, organizations rely on these applications and their seamless integration to support their agile planning and a faster pace of innovation. As enterprise applications evolve to address modernday business objectives, the need for integrations and data movement between various applications has become a key for data integrity.

Serving as an IT applications strategy and consulting services specialist, that’s where Snap IT can help.

Snap IT is home to a dedicated team of career technologists, making it the ideal partner to help businesses with the implementation, installation, configuration, and integration of enterprise applications (Commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) and non-COTS) into various critical enterprise systems. The company leverages its experience and expertise in information applications and technologies to formulate the right IT strategy, add value to their operations, and drive better ROI.

“Our goal at Snap IT is to provide the best experience and professional customer services tailored to our clients’ specific needs, regardless of their budget,” states Vijay Vemuri, CEO of Snap IT. “We believe that our clients’ success is our success and no technology problem is too great for our team; so we ensure that they will be satisfied with our work.”

An All-In-One Service Portfolio

Snap IT’s prominent position in the enterprise applications domain is the result of its service portfolio that entails three key offerings— application & cloud assessment service for IT, cost optimization service for IT, and talent strategy services for IT. The company offers unrivaled application & cloud assessment services to help clients with application life cycle assessments, given the need for a robust application portfolio strategy for clients. By doing this, Snap IT aims to educate clients, equipping them with the knowledge to identify new application opportunities and strategies that make their evolutionary leap a success. As part of Snap IT’s application assessment service, the team assesses application fitness for migration to or between cloud-deployed services, identifies integration and data redundancy issues, and develops strategies to help clients better address business challenges and opportunities.
Through its cost optimization services, Snap IT helps clients identify all opportunities to consolidate and eliminate data and application redundancies across their IT infrastructure. The company’s team of experts is well-versed in identifying consolidation opportunities that allow clients to trim costs and improve performance. Snap IT also excels at offering talent strategy services, alleviating talent shortage challenges due to a lack of understanding of the skills required to support their enterprise applications. The company performs talent assessments to determine which technology and skill set their company should retain on-shore and which to delegate off-shore. It also helps clients build a talent roadmap for their most critical applications.

“Our talent assessment is a unique offering that provides insights into where an organization should focus on training and bringing the right talent that works with their enterprise application strategy,” says Vemuri.

Excellence at its Best

What gives Snap IT an edge over the competition is its ability to integrate application system design into its service portfolio. The team believes system design plays a crucial role in an enterprise application implementation and considers the end-to-end of an application—system design, integrations, data reconciliations, batch processing, and reports—in its designs and assessments. Being technology and platform-agnostic, the company works with clients, regardless of their size, industry, and existing technologies, to provide the best system design possible with their in-house or cloud providers.

With all these capabilities, Snap IT has successfully gained a proven track record of solving a wide range of complex problems in IT. In one instance, the company helped a major retailer with their weekly Oracle Payroll challenges. Manual check printing took them about an hour to print one check, and batch processing had no wiggle room for delivering checks on time. They also faced a significant conflict between the monthly financial consolidation reports and the weekly payroll batch cycle.
To help them mitigate these challenges, Snap IT’s experts put together an action plan with various application configurations and system design changes. Once the company successfully implemented the action plan, the manual check printing time cut down to 30 seconds and the weekly payroll batch cut down to 1/3rd of the time, which helped them implement various other features to enhance and improvise the payroll process. Additionally, they were able to successfully end major conflicts between Oracle financial monthly consolidation reports and Oracle Payroll batch processing. Snap IT then helped complete all fixed assets depreciation reports in minutes as opposed to hours before the changes. Overall, it has been a night-and-day experience for all business users.

We believe that our clients’ success is our success and no technology problem is too great for our team; so we ensure that they will be satisfied with our work

The Powerhouse for the Future

The instance is a powerful statement to Snap IT’s dominance in the enterprise applications space and beyond, highlighting its team’s ability to successfully serve its existing customers again and again. The team’s core competency lies in delivering the best experience to clients rather than just offering its offerings. The company treats each customer as its partner and serves as their extended team to make their modernization journey more seamless and exciting and deliver the intended outcomes.

“We always strive to serve as the most trusted partner for our clients, providing them with the best experience through knowledge sharing and enhancing their resources to head their journey toward success—not just today but in the future,” says Vemuri.

Snap IT’s team of IT specialists also have decades of experience and expertise in Oracle applications, whether Oracle ERP, Oracle Retail, Oracle xStore, or Hyperion. The company is now looking to reach as many organizations as possible to provide cost-effective solutions while staying true to its mission of helping customers leverage their existing investments in technology to its fullest value.