Smile Groups: A One-Stop Global Outsourcing Service Provider Rendering Cost-effective Solutions

Bobby Jason, CEO

The global market is witnessing a massive growth of outsourced services as it is now a common practice in several organizations to perform proficiently and relentlessly in all departments. The advent of digital transformation has also enabled organizations to stay reliant on the success of creative applications and extensions provided through global outsourcing. With more companies focusing on driving out a way to integrate the off-shore team with the on-site, the need for global outsourcing becomes more important to manage cost reduction. A significant need for newer and smaller organizations with global outsourcing support services has increased. Determined to deliver global outsourcing, Smile Group with its outstanding compatibility is a one-stop service provider fulfilling its clients’ needs based on their requirements. It is mainly based on long-term collaboration with its clients providing services for full time or as the clients want. It has also tied up with other freelancers and offshore service companies which helps them to deliver expertise and gain customer reliability. “We manage our clients’ needs for additional sources such as call centre, staffs, equipment, executives and workspaces.
These investments made by our clients reduce the expenses in running a customer service division allowing them to focus on their key business functions,” says Bobby Jason, the CEO. It has wide expertise in dealing with support-related services for more than two decades.

Our well-trained teamwork on each client’s products and services implementing ways to resolve issues quickly before they go out of control resulting in having a happy customer

Armed with a well-trained software and support team, the group helps in dealing with most of its clients’ needs accelerating the productivity and efficiency of their products and services to the next level. Implementing high-end infrastructure technologies, it provides access to its clients with seamless communication channels like phones, emails, chats, etc.“Our well-trained teamwork on each client’s products and services implementing ways to resolve issues quickly before they go out of control resulting in having a happy customer,” he adds. As a leading outsourcing company, Smile Group takes stringent precautions to check and ensure compliance. It conducts intense background checks before hiring customer service personnel along with taking additional restrictive measures assuring the safety of its clients’ businesses.
It is dedicated to developing client relations by minimizing their expenses and adding up the substantial benefits for them by providing customer service tasks with ease and reducing clients' in-house support stress.

“Our expanded responsibilities with our personnel’s hiring, firing, discrimination, harassment, safety, wages, payroll, and benefits are well managed with a thorough expertise management system to ensure a good, safe, healthy working place is maintained,” Bobby assures. A strong compliance expert team assists Smile Group to adhere to all legal obligations as per the market standards both for both the clients and themselves. This helps them to win and retain client loyalty. “We remain updated with our personnel’s KPI implementation for good work culture and increase customer satisfaction. These are our strategies that are always refurbished on regular basis. Also, our goals, visions, and objectives have led us to maintain and increase client base largely and rapidly resulting in an extensive global presence,” Bobby affirms.

Striving for good values by creating the right environment for everyone, pulling in the same direction, encouraging innovation, having clear goals, and adding values, Smile Group stays recognized and inspired. It aims to excel optimum services and smooth handling of contractual obligations resulting in an environment that encourages proactivity, creativity, and value-added efforts. Implementation of Intelligent Client Function to deliver best services from inception to completion is also planned by the group to survive in the long run.