Kartik Shah, Co-Founder & COO, Sandeep Shah, Founder & CEO

With the simple mission—to provide medical information and tools helping care providers to make critical decisions at the point-of-care—Skyscape entered the healthcare field in 1993. "Skyscape has a rich history in the healthcare market, and has successfully launched innovative products in the past," says Sandeep Shah, the Founder and CEO of Skyscape. Combined with the leadership of Kartik Shah, Co-founder and COO, and recently joined Ashok Mayya, EVP of Sales and Business Development, Skyscape has re-launched itself through the upcoming release of a new HIPAA-secure platform to redefine healthcare communication. Adjusting to the healthcare industry's increasing versatility and digital complexity, Skyscape has soft launched its Buzz platform addressing the difficulties impeding the effective connectivity of the medical stakeholder community while ensuring regulatory (such as HIPAA, mandatory communication & documentation) compliance. The application also facilitates more unified communication connecting patients, physicians, nurses, and other healthcare professionals as a part of their daily workflow for the provision of quality healthcare.

The company's ground-breaking new application smartly builds upon the simplicity of text messaging while harnessing the full power of smartphones, tablets and web appliances. "Think of it as the starting point of a messaging platform which is HIPAA secure and has the ability to have medical context being transferred between parties," describes Kartik Shah.

With Skyscape’s BUZZ, we are putting Healthcare Communication on steroids - while making it Secure and Knowledge Driven with AI

The application's modalities allow users to dictate a message, transcribe, and send it securely either 1:1 or in groups; attach multimedia files and reports; connect outbound calls between the app users as well as with those who do not have the app, without exposing the health professional’s cell phone number through an option provided by Skyscape to get a private phone number. Beyond telephonic conversations, enabling video communication is on Skyscape's map, as well. Moreover, the company is providing the new app for free, and to use it, the users only need to verify themselves as healthcare providers. It is compatible with any Android, iOS, and web platform device.

“Skyscape’s communication platform revolutionizes the manner in which the health professionals communicate with each other and patients, transcending the silos that divide the clinics, hospitals, and other healthcare institutions,” added Sandeep Shah. “we help streamline the out-of-control overheads that is causing 46 percent physicians to suffer from the burnout related to documentation and communication inefficiencies.”

As another impetus to connectivity, the Skyscape application also offers the medical professionals access to the Skycape Medical Library with medical content from more than 400 trusted resources by 30 publishing partners covering 35 medical specialties such as oncology, cardiology, neurology, pediatrics, dermatology, diabetes, nutrition, sports medicine, and many more. For instance, a medical professional facing the daily scenario of being asked about a patient's health, lab tests to be performed or diagnostic reports, multiple times a day, can refer to the extensive medical content on the Skyscape Medical Library, answer accurately, and make the optimal clinical decision in real time.
"And this communication transcends any particular kinds of silos within a certain clinic or hospital; this can go between any two parties who have our application, enhancing broad use by healthcare professionals," assures Sandeep. Furthermore, the Library offers the ability to cross-reference multiple resources seamlessly, providing the most medically-compliant clinical decision support.

Skyscape also offers additional mobile apps such as FLASH DRIVE for secure document sharing and nTrack, a tracking and reporting tool, which catalyzes high-quality patient care with reduced medical errors. To enhance the students' knowledge acquisition, Skyscape provides Skills Hub platform, a free app for tracking skill and progress, and Snap Word, a free gaming platform with cue cards and coins/tokens that aid in learning, retaining, and recalling knowledge through gamification.

Skyscape today is trusted by more than a million healthcare professionals worldwide. "We are the largest aggregator of medical content on a mobile device, and the content is licensed from large medical publishers like McGraw Hill, and Elsevier," extols Kartik, and adds, "plus our content can link to each other, with our smartlinked knowledge resources enabling critical decision making at the point of care and also aiding students to prepare for their nursing exams or medical licensing and board exams." This way, Skyscape aims to bring the network of healthcare professionals and students closer together alongside virally expanding their services. In addition to planning for AI-driven knowledge components integrated with the Buzz platform, Skyscape also intends to work on a tamper-proof recording of medical information using blockchain technology and integration with EMR platforms. These product offerings will continue to foster Skyscape’s mission to assist healthcare professionals in their critical decision making, everyday at the point of care.