Shiftsmart: Redefining Labor Management with Innovation

Aakash Kumar, Founder and CEO

Shiftsmart began to transform the flexible labor market with its intuitive global labor management ecosystem when its founder, Aakash Kumar, sought to revolutionize the modern labor market and increase the quality of life for the global workforce. Shiftsmart is a labor management ecosystem that connects today’s dynamic workforce with companies facing increasingly complex staffing requirements. The platform is a worker-centric online marketplace connecting skilled workers to companies via an app.

Today, as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to disrupt the business ecosystem, global workforces seek reliable ways to assist them in finding flexible work and opportunities. Even before COVID, the flexible workforce industry was on the cusp of a seismic shift because of the surge in millennial employees in the modern workplace. Most organizations lacked the technology and strategies to increase the flexibility of their shift workers. Kumar’s plans to create a worker-centric experience through the proprietary Shiftsmart platform while responding to growing companies’ dynamic staffing requirements were already responding to the new demand.

“Workplaces are usually dynamic organisms with ever-changing staffing requirements. Staffing flexibility is key to maintaining production and increasing profitability.
Our labor management platform assists a global network of 300,000 workers in finding work quickly and efficiently,” says Aakash Kumar, founder, and CEO of Shiftsmart.

We simplify the development and deployment of flexible job markets and enable organizations and workers alike in communicating with relevant parties from a single point of access

Companies leveraging Shiftsmart state benefits as: increased fulfillment, reduced workforce turnover, and improvement in workforce suitability. Shiftsmart encourages their subscribers to stretch and glean experience by committing to learn a new skill, thus providing opportunities for growth. Positive reviews and accolades for Shiftsmart abound. In March 2020, Shiftsmart assisted a client in responding to a sudden surge of incoming call volume due to the coronavirus pandemic. Initially, owing to the dramatic spike in calls, the client had customer wait times in the hours, which they could not shorten due to lack of manpower. With Shiftsmart’s technology and hands-on expertise, the client was able to efficiently ramp up a 2,000-person call center, and reduced call wait times to seconds.

With its labor management platform, Shiftsmart’s clients can build their own labor marketplace, configure shifts, match job preferences with qualifications, and tailor their site to their specific schedule and needs. Shiftsmart’s platform features intuitive capabilities for scheduling, integrated messaging, timesheets, and instant payment avenues. Shiftsmart’s unique algorithm allows employers to create job postings for dedicated, trained roles across a multitude of industry sectors.
In turn, Shiftsmart helps workers navigate the flexible workspace and communicate with managers directly. “We simplify the development and deployment of flexible job markets and enable organizations and workers alike in communicating with relevant parties from a single point of access,” adds Kumar.

Similarly, in response to the pandemic’s swift effect on thousands of shift workers, Shiftsmart initiated a non-profit endeavor titled Get Shift Done to assist furloughed and laid off workers in connecting with critical meal-oriented non-profit organizations. This project has allowed 25,000 workers to earn wages by preparing, packing and/or distributing over 50 million meals. The ambitious project raised over 12 million USD in funds across 11 regions within weeks. ‘Get Shift Done’ has been widely hailed for their commitment to connecting unemployed workers with a crucial need to distribute food to underserved communities. Recently, Shiftsmart has assisted clients in safely reopening their businesses by certifying and assigning shift workers to perform safety audits and inspections, an extension of an existing offering that experienced increased demand due to COVID-19. “The pandemic has provided a timeframe for employers to take a closer look at their labor management and initiate the necessary steps that ensure the provision of flex work opportunities,” states Kumar.

Moving forward, Shiftsmart plans to expand its platform into new market verticals and extend its global footprint by enhancing the technological features of its proprietary workforce management platform. Kumar reiterates the ethos of his company, “We aim to continue creating more access to flexible work and improve workers’ lives with our tech-driven platform and global network of workers.”