SECEON: Delivering a Comprehensive Security Solution in the Digital Era

Chandra Pandey

Founder & CEO

The drastic growth of digitalization during the course of the last couple of decades has left an alarming number of companies open to security threats. These companies found the increasing number and sophistication of attacks could not be countered fast enough with the IT resources and staff on hand. What was needed then was a solution that could automate threat detection and eliminate the risk these threats generated. Ultimately, without automation, nothing short of an army can counter these cyber-attacks. Understanding the need to address threats faster, SECEON is a company with an advanced cyber security threat management platform that visualizes, detects and eliminates the threat in real-time. “The reason we exist as a company is all about helping businesses be proactive, detecting the threats before they cause irreparable damage and eliminating them in real time, across all aspects of their business, not just creating other silos. We provide comprehensive cyber security,” says Chandra Pandey, Founder and CEO of SECEON. The SECEON team leverages machine learning and artificial intelligence combined with dynamic threat models to identify the exact threat and completely eliminate it. “It is about having a platform that can process real-time streaming data to surface actions, behaviors or patterns that are outside of the norm; we can tell you exactly what is wrong and contain/eliminate it,” adds Pandey.

The traditional approaches to cyber security often fail because they lack the broad context that visibility into all enterprise applications, users, host and machine to machine interactions provides within an organization and from the outside with broad context of complete cyberspace. SECEON’s Open Threat Management (OTM) platform provides companies with a proverbial Security Operations Center (SOC) SOC-in-a-Box to surface the threats that matter without any human intervention.

SECEON is a company with an advanced cyber security threat management platform that visualizes, detects and eliminates cyberthreats in real-time

“With OTM, the platform ingests all the data in real time, and visualizes everything, presenting when, where and who is doing what,” says Pandey. With the SECEON OTM platform, insider threats, compromised credentials, malware, botnets, ransomware, data exfiltration, bit torrent, suspicious activities and DDoS etc. attacks can also be identified and removed instantly. Adding to this; Pandey says, “If you have traditional security platforms, a lot of security ‘noise’ alerts are generated since they lack wider context. The OTM platform is purpose-built to prioritize threats and alerts, thereby reducing the noise and saving on operational costs.” SECEON’s OTM visualizes the entire environment with Adaptive Comprehensive Visualization, detecting threats and providing corrective action in real time to automated security operation. ‘Stopping the threat that matters’ is the mantra for the SECEON OTM platform. “A closer look beyond existing solutions is needed for organizations with just firewall and end-point protection. They need to have a comprehensive solution that is cost-effective and highly automated to enable protection for 95 percent of organizations that don’t have an SOC team,” says Pandey.

Using Dynamic Threat Models with machine learning and Artificial Intelligence algorithms to detect the threats, SECEON sees and stops cyber threats as they happen. Understanding the business need to automate and eliminate threats instantly, SECEON leverages the latest technology and infuses it into its solutions to meet the need of its clients and to keep ahead of threats and new attack vectors. Applying advanced data collection and analysis, the team at SECEON collects the meta-data and raw data and applies an advanced set of feature extractions and enrichment—a unique differentiator in the market—which gives Seceon OTM global context, thereby minimizing the noise and adding significant efficiency so that customers can focus on legitimate, prioritized threats.
Working with the right set of customers is a priority at SECEON; this according to Pandey adds value to innovation processes that make a difference. “It’s not just making money, but working with customers who are just as committed to improving security operations as we are, which helps make a difference in the success of the platform and adds significant value for all stakeholders,” says Pandey. SECEON’s zero-day zero trust model, combined with Sonic Wall’s next generation firewall security provides a solution that detects and mitigates threats as they appear. The product combination helps in eliminating threats while reducing operational costs for managed security service providers (MSSPs) and enabling them to generate more profitable offerings. “Teaming up with SonicWall, we can give service providers and enterprise companies the ability to protect traffic moving in and out of the network, as well as movement within the enterprise,” elaborates Pandey.

Looking at the roadmap ahead, SECEON aims to add additional applications and enhance machine learning and artificial intelligence to provide additional valuable insight to customers. Explaining the future plans of the company, Pandey says, “We are planning to expand our offices in both the U.S.and India.” The team at SECEON according to Pandey has also gained a lot of knowledge from its partners who not only work with them, but give them access to their knowledge base and most frequently asked questions.

With a team comprised of enthusiastic and passionate members, the team at SECEON believes that the best only happens if there is the right set of people. Taking pride in what SECEON has achieved, the team believes that “You can have the best technology in the market, but if people around it don’t support it, then nothing can happen. The right set of people on the team with you can create significant value for the industry.” At SECEON we are motivated to add value to the industry with quality solutions and services. Our team has made it possible for us to achieve everything that we have already. The team empowers us, the partners and customers to move forward,” concludes Pandey.