ReWord: Multilingual Property Lease Agreements

Vikram Chauhan, CEO

My grandfather has been in the U.S. since the seventies and still relies on me to read his everyday mail which is mostly in English,” says Vikram Chauhan, CEO at

A former U.S. Army operative, Chauhan realized the need for an effective solution for easy translation of languages in the U.S. He began looking for ways to overcome the language barrier, especially in the property management space. The idea was to allow his family’s rental property business to flourish and expand into new markets by ensuring effective communication between prospective tenants and landlords. After extensive research on the possibilities for an automated language translation program, Chauhan built a platform and started his company—ReWord.

ReWord is an early-stage tech startup that offers a property management system for the multi-billion-dollar real estate industry. The company aims to simplify the speech-to-text and translation processes so that the non- English population can speak into a description box in their native language and receive a text translation. Consequently, AI’s advancement at an unprecedented rate drives ReWord’s search for new language processors and translation software that can host languages that people do not commonly use.
Driven by a proprietary Language Diagram Model, the search engine automates translations and transactions between landlords and tenants for leases, listings, rent payments, and other communications in each party’s native language. A multilingual property management software powered by ChatGPT-2’s superior AI functionality and easy API integration, the ReWord platform translates leaseand maintenance documentation proficiently. The company sources only certified industry and idiom-specific translations, ensuring quality and ease of interaction.

Site supervisors, property managers, and other stakeholders can easily facilitate translations back and forth in over 25 languages to clearly understand lease documents and other building maintenance reports.

The firm’s success is attributed to Chauhan's idea and execution skills and a larger general need for this type of service in society. After conducting a few test rounds in the property market, the CEO recognized the importance of having a diverse team and hired specialists to help build the company. This includes a COO with extensive experience in multicultural interactions and HR personnel to help recruit a diverse team committed to assisting immigrants in finding suitable rental properties.

A realtor can list a property in the ReWord app, and potential leasers or renters who open the listing can change the language to understand lease documentation in their regional dialects better.
In addition, citizens with limited English proficiency can access more properties as they look to move to different areas within cities.

My grandfather has been in the U.S. since the seventies and still relied on me to read his everyday mail which is mostly in English

In one such instance, a property manager and investor in Columbus, Ohio, was contemplating selling his interest in a 15,000-unit apartment complex until he came across the ReWord platform. The realtor was able to reach out to the immigrant population occupying the city with the help of the application. Due to the cultural difference, U.S. immigrants often tend to focus on a centralized area, and this particular property currently houses communities that speak 20 different languages. The client credits ReWord’s simplicity for facilitating and translating property-related documentation as a top contributing factor to the rise in occupancy in his complex.

By incorporating cutting-edge technology, ReWord Corp solutions aim to make the property market more efficient, transparent, and accessible for all parties involved. Using these technologies also helps reduce costs, save time for businesses and consumers, and provide valuable data and insights into the property market.