Redberri - MedicalCiti: Disruptive Technology Fuelled by an Ideal Corporate Culture

Deepak Kant Vyas, Chairman

The world has witnessed several years of unimpeded technological advancement in every industry thus far—and continues to do so regularly. And with this rapid, constant, and progressive change toward modernization comes the problem of legacy infrastructure. While companies all over the globe seek to digitalize workflows, they often face challenges in implementing the latest innovations. For instance, their previous infrastructure has already been well-adjusted to and operated with for several years; attempting to deploy cutting-edge technological solutions and services can become very disruptive for any organization and its employees’ productivity. In order to avoid the hurdles set up by legacy infrastructures, the concept of service-oriented architecture (SOA) emerged. The strategy employed through this model helps an enterprise achieve business goals and objectives without having to reinvent or reorganize its entire IT infrastructure. Instead, companies can simply render the services and expertise of third-party solution providers to make old software components reusable in a number of ways. Organizations that envision their roadmap with an SOA can expect a significantly improved information flow, increased operational flexibility, reduced software development cost, and next-gen data management. Concerning how quickly the market is expanding, many services and solution providers have emerged to help businesses implement SOAs more efficiently. One company, named Redberri, currently stands out as a Global Leader in this field, assisting various enterprises across the globe solve their complex data integration challenges and circumvent the impediments of legacy architectures.

Redberri touches everyone’s life every 23 seconds. Whether you are using an ATM, making travel reservations online, or conducting a business operation, we are at the heart of several transactions

Based out of Missouri, Redberri has designed highly intuitive business integration engine (BIE) solutions for standard integration middleware on web service protocols. The company’s products are built to connect disparate systems with each other. “Redberri touches everyone’s life every 23 seconds. Whether you are using an ATM, making travel reservations online, or conducting a business operation, we are at the heart of every transaction,” expresses Deepak Vyas, chairman of Redberri Corporation. The company currently excels at providing enterprise clients in the medical, finance, tourism, and agriculture industries with market-leading SOA products and disruptive technology development & implementation that consolidate, translate, and transmit corporate information into actionable data. Its comprehensive suite of Redberri solutions empowers businesses to manage their legacy applications more resourcefully via a highly stable platform that makes once incompatible applications work together seamlessly. In addition, the company’s solutions are easy to integrate as well as extremely affordable, allowing firms of all sizes to perform their best in any situation.

Aside from its extensive experience in BIE and SOA, Redberri has another particularly interesting characteristic that sets it apart in the market. The company’s mission revolves greatly around the philosophies of collective-good and corporate philanthropy. For instance, in the case of farmers, Deepak Vyas and his team have successfully assisted field workers in better fertilizing their farms and safeguarding the ecosystem around the land. Farmers were empowered with satellite mapping technologies that allow them to use the safest fertilizers in the right quantities, thereby increasing the quality of produce, all the while protecting the land around them. “We are proud that, by doing the right mapping, fertilizer consumption has reduced by 70 percent.
But above all, we feel proud of our contribution to the ecosystem and the groundwater streams, which protects our drinking water system,” adds Deepak Vyas. On the philanthropic side, the company’s Redberri Earth Foundation stands as a beacon to guide businesses all over the globe toward a future where everyone works together for each other. The SOA expert has helped over 500,000 students in India over 22 years to procure various study materials and texts through its book bank project. “All we ask is that, anonymously, one student passes on their books to the next batch,” states Vyas. Similar initiatives have earned the chairman many laurels over the years. For his dedication toward the common good, he was also granted an audience in the United Nations, where he voiced his opinions and concerns about human values and environmental problems.

Furthermore, Vyas showcases his conviction and adherence to his humanitarian beliefs throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. While many companies laid off their employees due to various reasons, Redberri did not. The company, in all respects, is one of the most forward-thinking and caring organizations in the market today, which is a sign to clients that their success is guaranteed. It understands the value of human capital and strives to build on it, consequently forming an extremely productive workforce that will invent solutions to solve the problems of tomorrow.

With such strong capabilities and corporate culture, Redberri is at the forefront of SOA innovation. The company is currently working on mega projects in the healthcare industry, creating one of the largest integrated medical portals today called MedicalCiti. With over 400,000 physicians already on board, the company expects to reach 700,000 by the fall of 2021. “It is a one-of-a-kind innovation with key components like dynamic geo-mapping that helps users find emergency medical services or any medical assistance through GPS tracking, no matter where they are,” explains Vyas. This is one venture among many that Redberri is a part of to make the world a better place. Growing strong with over 5000 employees, the company looks forward to helping as many organizations as possible in this hyperconnected, ever-evolving world.