Quilytics: Transform and visualize data at your fingertips

Shawreen Shah and Shikha Shah, Founder and CEO

Every business idea is born out of identifying a specific need in any industry and acquiring a skill to cater to that need. A venture is born when one breaks out and takes the plunge by putting that skill to use in the real world. Having worked with various digital marketing agencies and procurement companies for over 8 years, Shikha Shah, Founder and CEO, Quilytics, observed basic challenges in utilizing data to its full capacity. This included lack of internal automations for handling large volume of data, insufficient techniques of data management and plenty of manual processes for reporting. In an attempt to resolve these hurdles, Quilytics was conceptualized. Shikha has a solid background in Data analytics; she went to graduate school to study Data Science and Business Analytics. Shawreen Shah, Co-founder and Chief Strategist of Quilytics, pursued Masters in the Engineering field. He had been working as a Drug development scientist, but had always aspired to venture out and start a business too.

Quilytics is a US based data analytics solutions provider that leverages huge datasets and turns them to meaningful business insights. Quilytics specializes in growing business value through a powerful combination of quality and analytics. “We enable brands to make informed decisions through our fully programmed technology solutions”, says Shikha.
Quilytics helps companies maximize their ‘Return on Investment’ by identifying best target audience using advanced analytics techniques.

Quilytics handles clients in field of digital marketing, supply chain, ecommerce, retail and many more. “Our solutions are completely customized to suit business requirements of our partners” says Shawreen. “Our team of experts is focused on providing highest quality customer support along with quick turnaround times to address critical business requirements.”

The organization’s alliance with its business partners begins with building an automated data ingestion system through integrating suitable APIs from siloed social media and CRM platforms. This is followed by designing custom performance dashboards, transforming it into a one-stop-shop solution. This allows clients to gain a real-time view of their business KPIs and enables them to enhance their growth strategies. In synergy with Business Intelligence capabilities, the company also provides Advanced Analytics solutions using Decision Trees, Clustering, Regression Analysis and Predictive modeling. This empowers brands in identifying added opportunities like boosting lower funnel conversions, increasing sales, and targeting relevant audience segments.

In addition to these, Quilytics also caters to supply chain and procurement companies to help them streamline their spend data, increase transparency across all units, and identify incumbent suppliers for procuring products to generate maximum savings.

Shikha also talks about a unique success story of a technology-based fashion apparel company.“They reported losses of over 50% in their ecommerce revenue due to the pandemic.
At this juncture, the company partnered with us to attain thorough understanding of their target audience with a goal of increasing online sales. To assess how the investments influenced conversions, we accessed and wrangled their historic data and developed strategies using advanced analytics. Based on this exercise, we recommended investing in statistically significant channels to enhance conversions and build brand recognition. By allocating budgets in the right media platforms and incorporating strategies provided by team Quilytics, our client witnessed an uptick of 20% in their revenue in the first few months of the engagement”.

Our solutions are completely customized to suit business requirements of our partners” “Our team of experts is focused on providing highest quality customer support along with quick turnaround times to address critical business requirements

On asking what differentiates Quilytics, Shawreen’s response was two-fold, “We take your data personally, hence we focus on building custom solutions for each of our clients. Our mantra is to prioritize customer relationships above everything else and therefore we treat our clients with the highest regard.” As a part of expansion plan, the company looks forward to extending its footprint in acquiring more clients worldwide and help businesses of all-size to understand their data seamlessly.