Quark.ai: Automating the Customer Support journey for High-tech and Industrial Companies using AI

Prosenjit Sen, CEO

In today’s connected society, customer experience has never been more important. One of the most critical areas of a customer’s experience is after the sale, when customer support becomes the primary interface with a company. As such, Customer Support, both pre-sales and post-sales, for High Tech and Industrial Companies is mission critical. Customers need instant, accurate answers and rapid issue resolution, but with complex products, complex queries and fragmented everchanging reference data, legacy search-based technologies are error prone and can create costly delays for both the customer and the vendor.

Quark.ai is an Autonomous Support Platform, built from the ground up with Deep Learning, NLP, and Computer Vision to address these complex problems with intelligent automation.
Quark.ai interprets support tickets automatically to understand the issue(s), then pulls up the answers for resolving it directly from your reference documents–which could be structured data in a database or unstructured documents in HTML or PDF.
The result is drastic increase in productivity and a speedy timeto- resolution for end customers.

While the potential use cases for the Quark.ai technology are limitless, the company’s initial focus is on Technical Support, Field Support and Sales Support (including for Digital Commerce).

Technical Support/Field Support: when a customer submits a support ticket in Salesforce or ServiceNow, Quark. ai interprets the ticket to automatically to pull up answers–so when a support engineer opens the ticket in their Salesforce or ServiceNow dashboard, they see the answers/resolutions in the same dashboard. Quark.ai also highlights the problem topic(s) in the ticket itself and creates support queries for the support engineer.

Sales Support/Digital Commerce Support: Quark.ai has unique IP for rapid product discovery, a big challenge for sales of high tech and industrial products.
Sales staff and customers need instant access to the right products for their requirements (often complex), information on features, compliance, warranty, price, inventory and more. Quark.ai provides an interactive conversational interface that makes this a breeze.

Quark.ai provides its customers with the highest possible accuracy at the lowest cost, by making AI technology a semi-shrink-wrapped solution, even for complex customer use cases

Quark.ai can onboard enterprise customers with complex products without requiring any custom training of its Deep Learning models, thereby making it possible for customers to “try before they buy,” even for complex use cases. “We provide our customers with the highest possible accuracy at the lowest cost, by making AI technology a semi-shrinkwrapped solution, even for complex customer use cases” says Prosenjit Sen, CEO of Quark.ai. Skyrocket the productivity of your support staff, and drastically increase customer satisfaction–with instant answers.