Punhani Law Firm LLC: Delivering a Client-Oriented Approach to Immigration

The COVID-19 crisis has presented unprecedented challenges for H-1B dependent companies. Many of them have been forced to downsize at short notice. When an H-1B worker loses his/her current job, the law mandates the transfer of the existing visa to a new H-1B employer or the shift of that employee to a new visa category from the current non-immigrant H-1B status. However, the dire economic circumstances limited the number of new projects and drastically reduced the possibility of such visa transfers.

Further, the past few months have been particularly volatile in the area of employment-based immigration laws – with regulations related to the sudden spike in prevailing wages, the proposal to amend the H-1B lottery system, to name a few. Although the implementation of some of these rules had been postponed, the bans imposed by the previous U.S. administration on the issuance of immigrant and non-immigrant visas have posed novel challenges to thousands of families already struggling to navigate the complex immigration world. That’s where Punhani Law Firm LLC can help.

The firm leverages its expertise on the most current developments in U.S. immigration law to design robust and customized solutions for clients. Its dedicated team of researchers monitors both current events and the best practices in immigration law in real-time and ensures that the processes internalize the field’s dynamics.
“Our focus on remaining at the forefront of these developments has enabled us to deliver industry-leading results to our clients year after year,” says Ankush Punhani, Principal Attorney and Founder, Punhani Law Firm LLC. Despite the subjective nature of the immigration process, the firm successfully minimizes the uncertainty that is the primary concern for prospective clients. “Our expertise, professionalism, teamwork, and knowledge make the complex immigration process smoother for our clients and provide them with the personalized attention they deserve,” states Aarushi Bhatnagar, the Managing Attorney at Punhani Law Firm LLC.

Attorney Punhani further adds that Punhani Law Firm LLC worked proactively with clients during the pandemic to offer them viable alternatives that suit their specific situation. “The feedback that we received from clients confirmed that our dedication greatly ameliorated the hardships they faced during the difficult phase,” he says.

Punhani Law Firm LLC devotes time to understand the peculiarities of each case and offers tailor-made solutions. “We believe in maintaining trust and transparency, and subsequently, we walk our clients through the whole process,” states Attorney Aarushi. The firm offers a straightforward and honest evaluation of the chances of success to clients and provides them with active assistance in the U.S. immigration process, 24x7.
They also understand that the numerous immigration laws and regulations add to the constant stress. That’s why, unlike other law firms, Punhani Law Firm LLC educates clients on the immigration processes. “We find that well-informed clients do not experience a lot of stress when they face any uncertainty in the outcome of their application,” says Attorney Punhani.

What differentiates Punhani Law Firm LLC is its client-oriented approach that helps them ensure that processes evolve continuously with the needs of clients. Not stopping there, the firm offers services in different languages, such as English, Hindi, Urdu, Mandarin, Uzbek, and all regional Indian languages, to seamlessly serve its diverse, multilingual client base. The firm also remains up to date with the pitfalls and issues that could hold up or delay any given immigrant or non-immigrant application process. Every single case is personally supervised by experienced attorneys and goes through multiple rounds of thorough review to ensure maximum accuracy. “The vision of our law firm is not just limited to providing the best services in the area of immigration law. In fact, we are constantly expanding and growing in other areas of laws as well – such as real estate law, trademarks,” concludes Attorney Punhani.